Anti-Tobacco Day 2020: 5 Technology Products to Help Quit Smoking

Anti-Tobacco Day 2020: 5 Technology Products to Help Quit Smoking
Anti Tobacco Day 2020

Here are a few technology products that can help one to quit smoking.

The advancement of technology has not only made life more comfortable, but it has also connected you more. From big, black computers to sleek little laptops, we've come a long way. Furthermore, the development of smartphones has made the technology easily accessible anytime and anywhere.

This tremendous breakthrough has had a significant impact on the healthcare industry by making information and treatment more virtual and easily accessible. Today, mobile applications have assumed the role of acting as practical support for users and helping them in the same way that a doctor would.

Earlier, people if people wanted to quit smoking, they only had the option of joining a rehab centre or visit a doctor. But now people can get help through the many technology products.

Here are a few technology products that can help one to quit smoking:

1. Mobile Applications

Nowadays, everyone carries mobile phones. So, this is one of the easy ways to access is the information or assistance required is through the same. There several mobile applications designed to help smokers quit. From counselling to sending personalized messages. To make the process easier applications go an extra edge. Some of the mobile apps also keep reminding the users to follow a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising frequently.

2. E-cigarette

These are shaped like an actual cigarette. E-cigarettes release a vaporized nicotine doses that can be inhaled later. The device removes all harmful toxins and taste like an actual cigarette. An E-cigarette is battery powered, but it still feels like a real one. Most of the people who plan to quit smoking begin with e-cigarettes. It helps to maintain a social connection relating to smoking. E-cigarettes is the best option for chain smokers to start slowly to quit smoking. E-cigarettes helps one save lots of money which one need to pay at a rehab centre.

3. Wearable Gadgets

The simple rubber bracelets that count your daily steps to the most high-tech smartwatches, consumers have a range of options for digital accessories that help track their health and fitness. But you might wonder how these gadgets can aid your quit. During this process of your quit, these devices monitor your daily heart rate, vitals improvement, or use the diet and fitness trackers to help stay on target with your health goals.

4. Social Media

Social media empower Quitters and their Supporters to stay connected for a successful quit. Research has proved that social media will help quit smoking. Invite your loved ones to download the app, to join Quit Team, follow your progress and send encouragement when you need it most. If you're planning to connect with a broader quit smoking community, visit Quitter's Circle Facebook and Twitter pages.

5. Forums

Forums are a platform that allows people to discuss and share their experiences of a particular situation. Forums have become the top-most priority to interact with people with similar thought process from all over the world. Quitting smoking has become one such topic which has made multiple forums popular. By joining a forum, one comes to know about the experiences and difficulties. Experiences shared by different people also help them feel that they are not alone fighting for it.

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