Coronavirus: Lipstick Surrenders to Mask During Pandemic




Coronavirus: Lipstick may be away till Pandemic lasts, and meantime 'kajal' may rule… but lipstick will be there forever in every woman's handbag and makeup kit.

Coronavirus: During Pandemic the mandatory mask is covering the mouth and nose. Women most loved beautification object "lipstick ", has been forced to surrender during the Pandemic. The coronavirus spiking cases has been keeping us locked at home, and we are not wearing lipstick at home.

Lipstick available in all price ranges and abundant shades is a stress buster for women. Lipstick helps a woman to change her appearance based on shades, to look confident and happier. Lipstick reflects one's mood, as well. One can buy a lipstick based on her choice of shades and money in her wallet.

But this Pandemic has changed the entire situation. The choice to wear lipstick is entirely gone from women as wearing masks has become mandatory; leaving the lipstick jobless. As the lipstick has become jobless, there has been an increase in the sale of "kajal", the eye makeup product. Only eyes are visible after wearing the mandatory mask during this Pandemic. So women are concentrating more on beautifying their eyes. We agree that eye makeup and lipstick cannot replace each other. Kajal and lipstick both shapes a woman's personality and influence her impression.

Lipstick helps a woman to feel competent and confident. But in this pandemic situation, women will learn a new mantra altogether, she may find something else that boosts her confidence, or she may learn to live without it. My friend Preeti Sushil who works as a Senior Nursing Officer at Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi shares, "When I feel tired, distressed after a hectic work when I go home, I get fresh, put on a good dress and wear some lipstick. I feel so fresh and relaxed." "Earlier I used to apply it every day at work as well, but now due to pandemic and the PPE kit that I have to wear, lipstick is out of the question!" She further added.

In contrast, I have another friend named Sumera, whose parents never allowed her to wear lipstick, and after the wedding, her husband dictated the terms and customs which again did not allow her to wear lipstick. So she was never able to wear lipstick. :(

Lipstick should be ultimately a woman's choice. Lipstick is her accessory, her identity, and she should be allowed to decide on it. Lipstick may be away till Pandemic lasts, and meantime kajal may rule… but it will be there forever in every woman's handbags and makeup kits.

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