Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak to one and all. On this Eid, may all the blessings and joys of life be showered on us!

The wait for the silver line crescent is over and the festivities of Eid has begun and generally, the celebrations go on for about three days. Eid Mubarak to one and all. On this Eid, may all the blessings and joys of life be showered on us!

On the day of Eid Muslims wake up early in the morning, perform their salat ul-Fajr (daily morning prayers), take ghusl (special bath) and wear new clothes, apply ittar (non-alcohol perfume).

People believe that it is auspicious to eat something sweet in the morning and begin the day. Ramadan special delicacy Sheer Khurma is prepared in every house by default.

They have a hearty breakfast before heading to Eidgah to perform the special namaz. and listen to khutba or sermon. Before leaving for the Eid–ul–Fitr namaz they give away 'Sadqa- e- Fitr', to the needy. Sadqa-e-Fitr (also known as Fitrana) is an amount of charity in the form of staple foodstuff which all Muslims with the means need to pay at the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Maulana Abdul Rahman Azhari said wheat, barley, dates and raisins can be paid as Fitrana by the community to the needy people. "It is advisable it is paid before the Eid namaz so that the needy can also celebrate Eid," he said.

The minimum quantity fixed for the Sadqa–e–Fitr for each member of the family is 1.75 kilograms of wheat or 3.5 kilograms of barley, dates and raisins. "All members of the family including children have to give it. People can give more quantity if they want to give and it is advisable that those who afford give dates and raisins," further added Maulana Rahman.

After the special namaz is offered in Eidgah, people greet each other by hugging each other thrice and say, "Eid Mubarak". After the namaz also they do charity.

As a kid, I used to wait for the best part of Eid that is Eidi! Elders give gifts to the young kids that is called "Eidi".

The festival is celebrated as a time of private gatherings, friends greet one another, exchange gifts and visit the graves of relatives to pay homage.

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