Can Walking Daily for an Hour Help You Lose weight?

Walking Daily

Walking Daily (Photo/fitnessclerk)


Walking is considered to be an excellent form of exercise, which aids in weight loss and also it offers numerous health benefits.

How many calories you burn when you walk?

The number of calories you will burn depends on varied factors such as weight as well as walking speed.

Here is the table, which provides the estimates as to the number of calories burned each hour based on the following body weight as well as walking speed.

3.2 Kph 4 kph 4.8kph 5.6 kph 6.4kph
55 kg 154 calories 165 calories 193 calories 237 calories 275 calories
68 kg 190 calories 204 calories 238 calories 292 calories 340 calories
82 kg 230 calories 246 calories 287 calories 353 calories 451 calories
95 Kg 266 calories 285 calories 333 calories 401 calories 475 calories
109 kg 305 calories 327 calories 382 calories 469 calories 545 calories
123 kg 344 calories 369 calories 431 calories 529 calories 615 calories
136 kg 381 calories 408 calories 476 calories 585 calories 680 calories

What is an average walking pace?

An average walking pace is about 4.8 kph. The faster you tend to walk and the more you weight, the more calories you will expend. And other factors, which tend to influence the amount of calories burn, include age, sex, indoor/outdoor temperature and terrain.

Does walking faster help you lose weight faster?

Yes, majorly, the amount of calories you burn while walking depends on your weight as well as walking speed. When you walk faster, you will be able to burn more calories per hour, thus you will be able to lose weight faster.

Does combining low calorie diet, along with walk, help shed weight?

Yes, multiple studies have confirmed that walking aids in weight loss, especially when combined with a low calorie diet.

How much weight, you will be able to lose, by walking daily 1 hour?

You must have a watch on your calories intake, a deficit of about 500 calories each day, might lead to 0.2 to 0.9 kg. of weight loss each week. Roughly, you will be able to lose about 4 kgs a month.

What are the other benefits of walking?

When you walk, you tend to achieve numerous health benefits, they include

• Improved mood

• Lower Blood Pressure

• Increased HDL (Good) Cholesterol

• Decreased HDL (Bad) Cholesterol

How to get started walking?

You can start walking for about only 10 to 15 minutes each day at a comfortable pace. From there, you can increase the time to half an hour to an hour. You must also try to increase your walking speed.

How to shake up your walking routine?

To keep your walking routine both, challenging and engaging, you can follow these steps

• Change your walking time

• Walk with your partner

• Spilt up walking time

• Modify your route

• Listen to an audio book or podcast

• Reward yourself.

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