Coronavirus: What Does Self-Isolating Mean???

Coronavirus: What Does Self-Isolating Mean???For representational purpose

Covid-19… Now the whole world is discussing this deadly disease itself!

Covid-19… Now the whole world is discussing this deadly disease itself! Be it the developed countries like Italy, USA or developing countries like India and under-developed countries like Pakistan… Every country is making its citizens educate about this virus and making them locked at homes to stop spreading of this dangerous virus.

There is no need to speak about Italy and Iran, these two countries have lost control over the virus and left the situation as thousands of people are falling to death bed due to this virus.

Coming to China, although the situation was worst a few days back, all credit goes to the citizens and Government for controlling this disease to the maximum.

Now, coming to India, we are in the second stage. This means the virus is detected only in the people who came to our country from other places. To stop the spreading virus from those people to common man, a few states have announced complete 'Lock' and are trying their best to fight with Corona.

Do Letus see what 'Self-Isolated' actually means???

Precautionary Measures ForSelf-Isolated People…

• This has been told to the people who came back to India from different countries. It actually means to stay at home for 14 days.

• That doesn't mean mingling with their parents and children. A person should lock himself in a room for 14 days and highly follow self-hygiene.

• Sanitizing hands for every half an hour and washing hands is compulsory.

• He should always wear a mask and then speak out with others if necessary.

• Along with these tips, having healthy food is also important. Strictly avoid junk and outside food.

• If the symptoms like cold, fever and dry cough are found, then please contact the health care centre and stay away from others.

• The hospital people will immediately respond and shift the affected ones to quarantines and then start the treatment.

• Please restrict yourselves to only your room and even try to avoid coming in contact with children and older people.

These measures should be followed for days and then also try to maintain social distance and stay away from virus maintaining self-hygiene.

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