How to deal with Sun Stroke

How to deal with Sun Stroke

As the scorching summer this year as set in early watch out as the sun cause a heat stroke even in a healthy person. The heat just seems to stuck away all your energy, making you feel weak and lethargic.

As the scorching summer this year as set in early watch out as the sun cause a heat stroke even in a healthy person. The heat just seems to stuck away all your energy, making you feel weak and lethargic. When extreme dehydration occurs, and this heat stroke can easily progress into an illness that lasts longer than required. If you or anybody you know suffers from a heat stroke, use these remedies mentioned below in the article for a quick relief

A heat stroke is also called sunstroke and it is quite common during the summer months. It is important to understand the cause of this and also know how to identify the signs and symptoms. This way you can choose the right remedy for its treatment.

Before delving into the home remedies let's examine the causes and symptoms for a heat stroke.

What actually causes Heat Stroke?

The fluids in our body are responsible for maintaining the body's temperature during the harsh hot weather climate. The body tends to sweat and it releases excess heat from the body and it cools down when it is exposed to heat for a longer duration. When the body loses sufficient fluids, we experience our body going through dehydration and heat stroke. This heat exhaustion can easily progress to a life-threatening condition wherein the body temperature can rise up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and cause neurological damage. A heat stroke can happen due to 2 reasons:

- The exertion of the body in hot weather conditions, for example, playing a sport in the heat for many hours

-Older people, children, and people with illnesses usually have trouble regulating their body temperature. They may suffer heat stroke on exposure to high temperatures, even without any physical exertion.

Watch out for these Signs & Symptoms Of Heat Stroke

Few warning signs indicate the onset of a heat stroke. These are as given below:

. High body temperature (104 degrees Fahrenheit and above)

. Nausea and Vomiting

. Headache

. Dizziness and Weakness

. Flushed skin

. Rapid breathing and increased heart rate

. Muscle cramps and abdominal cramps

. Lack of sweat or sweating heavily

Heat stroke generally starts after these warning signs appear and the symptoms of this are usually neurological. The patient may experience:

. Irritability

. Delusions and Hallucinations

. Bizaare behavioral changes

. Seizures

Never neglect a heat stroke as this can even progress to coma. Hence, these signs and symptoms should never be ignored and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Here are the best remedies that you can use to treat heat stroke and alleviate the signs and symptoms.

How To Treat Heat Stroke

1. Drink Lots Of Buttermilk- 2 tablespoons yogurt, a glass of water, a pinch of salt, a pinch of cumin powder (optional)

Blend the yogurt with water, add salt and cumin powder and mix well drink this chilled.

This refreshing drink hydrates and cools down the body. It also contains probiotics, proteins, minerals, and vitamins that replenish the body's requirements for these.22

2. Take cold water showers- cold water, bathtub

Soak yourself in a bathtub full of cold water and stay in there for 15-20 minutes

This is recommended by specialists in case of heat stroke due to exertion. The coolness of the water helps to lower the entire body temperature, which has shot up due to heat stroke.

3. Chinese medicine does wonders- 1 cup dried mung beans, 3 cups water

Boil the mung beans and strain the liquid obtained and let it cool down and then drink this mixture. use this remedy as and when required. Boiling mung beans gives a nutritive tonic that hydrates the body and also lowers the body temperature. This is because mung beans are antipyretic in nature. This drink is also great for detoxifying the body.

4. Essential oils- 2-3 drops of peppermint oil, 1-2 drops of lavender oil, 2 tablespoons olive oil or almond oil

1. Mix all the oils with a carrier oil and apply this blend on the back of your neck, on your soles and inside your wrists.

5.Grand ma's medicine Onion juice- Onion juice and honey

There are two ways to use onion juice for heat stroke. After an attack, apply onion juice behind the ears, under the feet, and on your chest, leave it on.

After the heat stroke, symptoms are gone, drink a teaspoon of onion juice mixed with a teaspoon of honey.

The onion juice application is just once during the stroke, whereas you can drink the Onion-honey mix twice a day for a few days after the sunstroke.

6. Tamarind juice- All you need is Few tamarind pieces, 1-11/2 glasses water, A pinch of sugar and honey.

Boil the tamarind for a few minutes. strain this liquid add sugar or honey for taste. Drink this herbal concoction once it has cooled down.

7. Apple cider Vinegar- A glass of cool water, 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar.

Mix the vinegar in water and drink this. Drink this if you feel dizzy or weak after a walk in the sun. Apple cider Vinegar contains minerals and vitamins that help to quickly replenish the body's lost electrolytes.

8. Sandalwood paste- 3-4 tablespoon sandalwood powder, water.

Make a thin paste with the sandalwood powder.

Apply this paste on the forehead and chest

Leave it on for an hour or so.

9. Coriander water- A bunch of coriander, a pinch of sugar

Extract coriander juice by blending the leaves with some water. Add some sugar to this and mix well. Cool it in the refrigerator for a few minutes and drink this.

Drink a glass of this juice during the heat stroke.


. Always cover your head with a scarf, a hat or an umbrella when stepping out in the Sun.

. Drink ample amount of water. especially during the summer months. Water will keep your body hydrated and its temperature cool. Carry around a water bottle!

.Drink lemonade or buttermilk to keep the excess body heat at bay

. Wear loose-fitting and absorbent clothes during hot and humid weather conditions.

. Opt for light-colored clothing during the hot-summers as they absorb lesser heat.

. Do not exert yourself when outside in the side in the Sun. Follow a simple schedule to maintain your energy and keep yourself hydrated during the outdoor workout or game.

. Try to sleep for 6-7 hours every day and eat a balanced diet. This will ensure that your body is well rested and has the right amount of vitamins and minerals, and proteins for healthy functioning.

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