Hyderabad woman saves son by donating kidney

Hyderabad woman saves son by donating kidney

A woman in Hyderabad gave a new lease of life to her 21-year-old son by donating one of her kidneys.

Hyderabad: A woman in Hyderabad gave a new lease of life to her 21-year-old son by donating one of her kidneys.

The man, who suffered from kidney failure, has received an organ transplant from his mother.

The successful transplant was performed at the Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU) in Hyderabad.

The patient, a native of Alwal in Hyderabad, began experiencing symptoms of kidney failure in July. He had severe headaches and high blood pressure, and he was losing weight rapidly. He was diagnosed with kidney failure and referred to AINU for treatment.

His mother, aged 42, volunteered to donate her kidney. The transplant was performed on August second week successfully.

The patient is now recovering well and is expected to make a full recovery, said Dr. Challa Rajendra Prasad, a transplant physician at AINU.

The patient's mother said that she was happy to donate her kidney to her son. "I would do anything for my son. I am so grateful that he is getting a second chance at life," she said.

According to the doctor, kidney transplants are a safe and effective treatment for kidney failure.

He said that the patient's prognosis is good and that he should be able to live a normal life after the transplant.

"People should be aware of the early warning signs of kidney disease. Kidney disease is often silent in the early stages, but it can be detected with a simple blood test. If kidney disease is caught early, it can often be treated with medication or lifestyle changes."

Youngsters nowadays are suffering from BP which is causing kidney related issues.

Young people are observing an increase in blood pressure but are lately recognized.

Weight loss, swelling of legs, pain in the legs, having blood in urine, and increase in BP are all the symptoms of kidney related complications.

When the child is having these symptoms, parents need to be carefully cautious so they can have treatment at the earliest without any further risks. Decrease in hunger and weight are also signs of kidney problems which need immediate medical attention. When these symptoms are recognized in the early stages, the biopsy can be done, which can mostly reduce the problem.

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