Making a mark in fashion world

Making a mark in fashion world

Hyderabad-based Syed Heena talks about her love for fashion

It is not possible for everyone to reach a certain status and sustain that position, at an early stage of their life.

Overcoming all kinds adversities befallen upon her at a very young age, Syed Heena (23) pursuing her passion towards fashion and with inherent talent and sheer hard work has become a role model for the youth in the capital city.

She is now working as a lead fashion designer of celebrity hub, a platform catering to over 56,000 members including celebrities and models.

In her free time, she teaches fashion designing to students and also, how to move in the fashion industry and become successful. She motivates the fashion students with her experiences in the sector.

Right from childhood, Heena wanted to do something novel, rather than common things. Speaking to The Hans India, she says, "I believe in what I do, and I really faced hard times and now I am in this position, enjoying the best in my life, it's all because of my mother Ayesha Begum.

She is one dynamic woman I know. She keeps updating herself and is always up-to-date and she is one career-oriented lady, whom I know, who hasn't compromised her personal life. She is a one wonder-woman, whom I keep admiring.

Every day is a learning experience with her and till date, I share every design with her and ask for her suggestions. Another one whom I always admire is Chaitanya, who guided my career towards the right path."

She opinions that a fashion designer has to do a lot of things and it's not only the profile you see walking on-ramps with models.

She says, "This profession involves a lot of creativity and hard work because you cannot just sit at home and do all the work. You have to travel to find the fabric, be it hot noons or cold winter evening.

You have to give up on your sleep and complete your design because of submission. If I find a successful design, I will forget all my troubles, that's the sweetest thing in this profession."

She opinions that fashion designing is not at all an easy job, it is harder than any job in the world. For that, one must be physically very active and fast. "Fashion always keeps changing rapidly.

we have to keep ourselves updated with latest trends, creativity and ability to think out of the box is key to sustain and can help anyone in the long run, if not you will be thrown out."

Speaking about the positivity in the field, Heena opinions that there are many advantages in choosing fashion design as a career.

Besides high salary range and freedom to create cutting-edge designs, it also provides opportunities for travel and exposure to fashion trends and ideas.

She says, "There is a need for the development and a proper establishment of the fashion industry in Vijayawada and I am striving a lot to do that.

The government should encourage fashion designing students and offer better placements, so that then can provide equal justice to every field."

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