Tips for weight loss in a pandemic

Tips for weight loss in a pandemic

Tips for weight loss in a pandemic


With the ongoing pandemic, we are still working longer hours whether from home or office

With the ongoing pandemic, we are still working longer hours whether from home or office. It is time to face the world with renewed zeal, leaving behind anxiety, fear and those piled-up pounds. Confused as to how to shed the excess weight in the midst of a pandemic? I have a few tips up my sleeve, read on..

Practice mindfulness eating

In this time of a pandemic our work and home boundaries are blurred and a lot of us don't take time off to eat leading to increased portion sizes and waist circumferences. Concentrating on food and switching off distractions like mobile, computers, television allows us to recognize satiety thus preventing overeating. A diligent effort needs to be made to eat slowly. Ensure that 50 per cent of the plate at all meals is full of fresh seasonal vegetables automatically keeping you fuller for a longer time.

Eating like a king is true for breakfast as it is your energizing meal for the day. A proper breakfast is idli + sambhar with veggies + chutney / vegetable omelet + vegetable sandwich / roti + raita + chutney.

The Indian diet is an ideal diet. It combines vegetables with whole grains like wheat, millets, rice and a small portion of protein source whether daal, curd, whole pulse, sprouts, or fish, cooked in aromatic spices and good quality fat will keep satisfied for a longer time. Do not cut down on any food group including good fats or carbohydrates as a complete meal provides all the essential nutrients preventing binge eating. Remember, lunch is lighter than breakfast and dinner your lightest meal.

Throw-out the junk

the witching hour between 4 pm – 6 pm is when you reach out to sweet or savoury junk. I say throw-out the white sugar and fried. Instead, satisfy your salt cravings with salted nuts and seeds and your sweet cravings with a seasonal fruit.

Exercise- I truly believe sitting is the new smoking. Don't be dependent on any fancy work out, just get up do spot jogging, stretches, take a walk around the house or what I enjoy – putting on some music and dance away. Deep breathing is another way to feel rejuvenated.


I strongly say the true elixir of life is water. This beverage will not only quench your thirst but is an instant pick me up.

Sleep well

I want you to honor your body and its natural clock.

Finish you last meal 3 hours before you sleep and lights off by 10.30 pm to get a sufficient 8 hours sleep. Early to rise and early to bed balances your hormones and keeps your weight in check optimizing health parameters.

Follow my simple tips and you'll be back in shape in no time!

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