Life flies peaceful with spiritual wings

Life flies peaceful with spiritual wings

Life flies peaceful with spiritual wings


The heart does not distinguish between material and spiritual things.

The heart does not distinguish between material and spiritual things. The bird flies on both wings. When both wings are outstretched, the bird flies straight like an arrow. If the bird is leaning to one side, the plane is circling. Our life also has two wings. We can call them the wings of material and spiritual things. The more we lean on one side, either materially or spiritually, the less likely we are to be in a circle and to move around.

The modern way of life is very demanding. We have many responsibilities and concerns. Our jobs draw us in one direction, our families in the other, our dreams draw us in a certain way while our anxieties draw us in the other. Sometimes, we are simply attracted to certain activities, places, ideas or people without understanding why. Is it possible for just one planet to orbit the sun? We have so many institutions in our lives, but does that mean we are focused on something else? In fact, the opposite is true.

Trying to satisfy the many demands of life, sometimes slowing down, becoming emotionally uneasy and unresponsive, results in misunderstandings. After that we get anxious and depressed. Our anxiety determines our strength and, at times, our health. In such a situation, how can we cope with life's difficulties? Even though we have so many institutions, we have not yet found our real center, a world center.

By meditation, we draw closer and closer to that universal center, which is at the heart of each other, and common among all of us. After that, balance begins to emerge in our lives.

A pearl necklace has many pearls and one string. Which is more important - pearls or string? While pearls can be very beautiful and expensive, it is the lowest strap that keeps them all together. Without it, they would scatter to the ground and you would have to chase each of them away. When you direct your attention to the outside, you see only the majority and therefore divide your life into many channels. You have your working life, your home life, your community life, and many other lives. Don't focus, you are dismissing each one of them, but when your attention is focused on the center of your center you only get unity. Your life will be perfect, and you will no longer be able to put it into various stages. By going inside and feeling your heart, you find that it encourages and guides you in managing every role you play in life.

Spiritual and health aspects are not separated. They make up everything. There is no natural or artificial activity. It is our way of doing each work that makes it spiritual or otherwise. When we focus on ourselves, our material life benefits us spiritually. After that the two wings are measured and we meet. But don't forget the bird's tail! It is the rudder that directs its direction. That is the role of the heart.

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