Digital Love v's Traditional Love

Digital Love v

We are in a cycle of the digital world, where there are many platforms available this generation people choose to meet people and fall in love with.

We are in a cycle of the digital world, where there are many platforms available this generation people choose to meet people and fall in love with. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tinder many other random dating apps; the internet has literally reduced the world to fit into a six-inch hand-held device. Do you think online dating I.e digital dating has an advantage over traditional dating? Let's look at the pros and cons of both the worlds before we arrive at a conclusion.

1) It allows you to meet people outside your geographical boundaries and social circle

course, this perhaps is one of the best advantages of online dating. When you don't have common interests with the known people, you always have the luxury to go beyond your social or geographical boundaries. But when it comes to traditional dating doesn't allow that luxury. You normally go on a date with someone you have met personally or known through friends. The person might be someone from your neighborhood or office. That really narrows down your options, isn't it?

2. How's Chemistry?

It's never to judge the chemistry with a person by just looking at his or her pictures on social media or through video chats. The charm is of the person physically is hands down better than looking at millions of photoshopped profile pictures of the person! This makes traditional dating always a better option than online dating.

3. An opportunity to meet people 24/7

Online is a luxury for people who date as it provides 24/7 to crave in for the person whenever and wherever they want. you have the possibility to date the person online from any corner of the world at any moment and have your love interests. But traditional dating doesn't have the so, the online dating scores high.

4. You will never meet a stranger

One would definitely know how deceptive is a person's online profile is There are a million apps to give a picture perfect impression. Now the new apps can smoothen your complexion, reduce your double chin and even your age can be reversed. the only one can discover the age of the person only after you meet him. But in a traditional scenario, you can actually trust to fall in love at first sight because you can believe what you see, right? The score we rate for online and traditional dating equally here.

5. How about Trust?

Well, when it comes about online dating and traditional dating both equally scored Zero points. People lie, and that's the fact. There is no magic formula to find out if the person is genuinely interested in you or not, and it doesn't matter if you discovered him online or et through friends. Hence, both traditional and online dating didn't score any point here.

The Final conclusion

No matter which side the coin flips, It's your life and your decision. so, always think wisely before investing your time, energy and emotions on someone, irrespective of whether you met the person online or offline

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