It's time of the year celebrate friendship


This Friendship Day, let us celebrate gender equality and dedicate it to all girls and women with male friends, who are with them through thick and...

True to this adage we don't know with whom we will become friends. People with similar interests tend to bond fast and become thickest of friends for life. Friendship is a relationship that transcends gender.

Sure we tend to have most of our friends from the same gender, however, friendship with other gender is surely icing on the cake. Like Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) and Anjali (Kajol) in the Karan Johar directorial 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'.

However, in the past couple of decades friendship between two genders was seen from glasses tainted with murk. The Chiranjeevi – starrer 'Iddaru Mitrulu' showcases the other side of being friends with the opposite gender.

It showcases how society is not ready to accept the platonic bond between a boy and a girl. However, on the bright side of this new age, things are getting better.

Telugu film 'Oh My Friend' featuring Siddharth as Chandu (Faltoos) and Shruti Hassan as Siri (Killer) was a blockbuster hit.

The concept of a boy and a girl being best friends finally started making sense. Society, at large, is slowly wiping the murk from their lenses and ushering in this new change.

While we celebrate Friendship Day, let us hear it from all the young girls, who make the word friend sound like a truly the amazing experience of equality in gender and understanding that they are changing the course of time for a better tomorrow.

''We do not judge each other,'' says, Kiran Jolle, who is very good friends with Steve. "The fact that makes us tell the truth solves all our problems.

No matter how worst the situation turns, in the end, we talk and sort things out. Right now I am living in Australia, and the fact that I am not around him is quite a task, we don't talk much on phone, but when he drops a text, I know he is in trouble and I call him immediately.

We are like soul mates, not like a brother and sister relationship but we know we are there for each other in any given situation.

And most importantly I want to mention that when we started our friendship we promised that we would be gender-neutral to each other and never consider each other as a boy or a girl."

"My guy best friends and I have been close friends since school. It's like being twins from different mothers. They will always be the second family that I know will have my back no matter what and I can be whatever I want to be without being judged.

People will always have something to say. But getting through all that together is what makes our friendship stronger," says Sahiti Kalyanam.

There are a few friends who are along with us since we learnt ABCD together in kindergarten and so is the friendship of Swetha C, who feels herself when she is with her best buddies Soma Sundhar and Sujit.

"These two handsome hunks are the one ones, who cannot be replaced by anyone else in my life. They are the first ones to know if something amazing happens in my life, they are not hesitant to correct me when I am with a wrong guy.

These two are there for when I want a shoulder to cry on. Many of them wondered why we are not together at times, but we know that our bond is beyond their thoughts. I think every girl need such kind of friendship and I am lucky to have these two in my life."

If a friendship doesn't consider gender as a barrier the most beautiful bond is set between friends and so similar is a case of Samantha V.

"I have known Sankeerth when I was pursuing my graduation, we fought in the class and that's how we bonded as friends. Even today if I need any suggestion or a bit of motivation I talk to him.

He has been a great friend ever since. We watch web series and discuss it as if it is a subject that we are studying. It feels to have a friend like him and there have never been negative thoughts about our friendship to date."

An office is also a place where we find great buddies. Asma J says, "I and my colleague became best of friends in no time. From that point in time, we never considered each other as colleagues and we were there for each other on the professional and personal front.

When he quit the job I cried a lot...I felt he will never be back, however, after a couple of years he rejoined the office and we are friends from the past 8 years now. He always stands beside me when I need him."

Many girls tend to drift apart from their male buddies after their wedding. "Marriage has never been a barrier to our friendship," says Salma, who is still touched with her best buddy Avinash after marriage.

"Nothing has ever changed between Avinash and me. People assume that nothing would be the same once we are married and move forward in our lives.

We still talk to each other, we meet doing special occasions and I think that is what is special about our friendship," she shares.

No matter where we stand in the course of our lives these stories will never fade out from memories.

Friendship with opposite gender does not always have to end in marriage, but it should be like when you call upon your best bud, the only answer ought to be, "Aree macha I am there…"

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