Social Media Star, Aditi Oberoi Malhotra Creates Her Own Path

Social Media Star, Aditi Oberoi Malhotra Creates Her Own Path

The enormous growth of social media and its magnanimous impact on the lives of people all over the world. A few years back, nobody could've...

The enormous growth of social media and its magnanimous impact on the lives of people all over the world. A few years back, nobody could've anticipated. Ever since brands started collaborating with insta celebrities, the blogging business has encountered an absolute surge. Telling your own story, sharing your experiences and getting famous sounded like a dream a decade ago but not anymore! As soon as blogging business started appealing people, many jump in this pool everyday. Some sink, some struggle and a very few of them are able to make it big. Let's look through the journey of one such pioneer who truly made it big in the blogging business!

I sat down to talk to luxury Indian-American fashion & beauty influencer Aditi Oberoi Malhotra who has over 1 million blog & social media followers and has worked with top brands like Givenchy, Dior, Lexus, to name some.

For the first year, Aditi did all the work herself. She would reach out to brands and pitch different content ideas emerging on Fancy Correctitude in hopes to collaborate with them. Back then, Aditi was not paid for the content she created.

Aditi studied fashion from NIFT India, that is accredited by FIT New York. She has been able to successfully use her keen eye for fashion & style to transition her career into blogging full time almost 5 years ago. She is the top Indian American fashion influencer representing cultural diversity in fashion globally and is best known for her eclectic mix of high fashion, beauty, travel & family life.

So unlike many others in this blogger world that claim to be a dropout, doctor or engineer she, with a professional understanding in fashion had the chops to create a community where she shared her fashion advice with her followers. It's far from a standard blogger turned influencer story, as she knew what she was doing and had the professional skill set for it. Soon enough her talent was noticed and appreciated by big names in the fashion industry like Dior, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs etc. but for me, what sets her apart was how she turned her social media into a full-time business. Her blog Fancycorrectitude and social media channels are just one part of it.

Content That's Authentic

Aditi primarily cover fashion along with beauty & lifestyle topics. She has had the privilege to work with luxury brands because of her eclectic style. She has partnered with top brands like Givenchy, Nordstrom, Lexus, Loreal, Clarins and many more brands from fashion, beauty & lifestyle spaces on creating and art directing dedicated digital campaigns. Attended events for Luxury brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Vanity fair etc. She talks about the importance of diversity, inclusivity and women empowerment on her blog and social media channels.

"This field is very saturated today, so I try to pair my content with substance & authenticity,".

Today, she has a following of over 1 million across all her social media channels and blog followers on Instagram, and creating content is her full-time job.

First Indian American influencer to work with luxury brands at this level

I don't know if I see the magnitude of it as much as other people. I hear a lot of my followers tell me that it's the first time it's happened for an Indian person. I am happy that I am able to do that. A lot of my followers are proud for a person of color representing them in mainstream luxury fashion & beauty. No, but it's true. For me, there was never going to be any other way. I was very clear about it. I wanted to do this and work with prestigious brands and this is my step forward in the direction to represent diversity for Indian Americans and people of color in general. I'm excited about it that I got the opportunities but I worked hard and long to get to this point.

An Entrepreneurial Upbringing

"I am a girl from New Delhi, India, the daughter of two hard-working individuals. My dad started his own business and is very successful at it. I definitely inherited that strong work ethic from him & learned from example how to work hard to reach my goals. who achieved success through hard work and determination. I know where I come from, my story is an inspiration to young people who nurtured a dream for themselves. I still try my best to encourage people to look at the world as a place of opportunity and give their dreams a shot, he said".


I will always say start something on the side - say no to going out with friends and sleeping in on weekends, give it all you got as a side hustle for at least a year and see what you can turn it into. It's hard work but I always think if I didn't start small, I wouldn't have my business today. Work hard & nothing is impossible.

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