Sound of music for beautiful homes

Enhance the quality of your interiors with the sweet and noticeable hanging decor at your windows, doors, gallery, balcony, even at the living room, kids room etc. Wind chimes are made of materials such as bamboo, horseshoes, and mechanics tools besides normal wood, glass, crystal, metals etc. The endless variety and types of wind chimes are available to fulfill your decor purpose according to your personal choice, room size, respective space to be hanged, design attitude and decor.

Wooden wind chimes

They are made of wooden material to provide a class, sexy, glamorous and seductive looks to your interiors. They work well for formal and informal interiors both.

Classic wind chimes

These wind chimes are being created according to the market demand, musical choice of particular country to fulfill traditions aspects and requirements.

Harmony wind chimes

They are small in size and have aluminum rods suspended from stainless steel wires to create a magical singing sound when touched with the breeze of wind.

Bamboo wind chimes

High quality bamboos are used to make this specific wind chime to satisfy consumer's need and purpose.

Butterfly wind chimes

They are quite fascinating, charming, colorful and impressive in appearance and perfectly suitable for balconies, garden area, outdoor yard etc.

Spiral wind chimes

These wind chimes are designed in further few more categories: 1. Stainless Steel Spiral Wind Spinner with Glass Ball, 2. Wooden Wind Spirals, 3. Crystal Ball Spiral and 4. Stain glass and copper finished wind chimes. To get more of it you may opt for the wooden multi colored spiral wind chime.

Clay wind chimes

Wind chime made of clay pots, with bright and colorful decorations on it, ornamented beautifully with paints colors etc. They are one of the traditional and eye catching type of wind chime.

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