World Blood Donor Day 2020: Guidelines to Donate Blood

World Blood Donor Day 2020
World Blood Donor Day 2020

World Blood Donor Day plays a significant role in highlighting the need for blood donors and regular blood donations.

World Blood Donor Day 2020: Every year on 14th June World Blood Donor Day is observed to raise awareness about donating blood and rejoice the ones who save countless lives by donating blood. The day has the slogan 'Share Life, Give Blood', mentioning the caring and solidity that donating blood involves.

World blood donor day aims to encourage blood donation along with spreading awareness to the donors to be healthy before they save the lives of others. Donating blood is a very noble work that everyone should do to save the lives of people who have severe medical conditions and need blood. We all want to donate blood, but we stop ourselves because of some doubts and misinformation about it. On this day, we will try to clarify your doubts associated with blood donation.

General guidelines to donate blood:

• Minimum haemoglobin should be 11 g/dl

• Minimum weight must be 50 Kgs

• Donor must be aged between 18 years and 65 years

• Don't fast before and after donating blood

• Drink plenty of fluids before donating blood

• Take iron-rich foods, mainly the week before and after donation

(Iron-rich diet includes spinach, egg, fish, meat etc.)

• Your temperature should be normal

Normal Temperate: 36.5–37.5 °C (97.7–99.5 °F)

• Provide your medical history (If you are suffering from any ailment)

• Must undergo a transfusion-transmissible infection risk assessment

• Wear a comfortable dress so that sleeves can be easily rolled up. Keep your mind and body relaxed.

Don'ts of Blood Donation

• Do not take aspirin two days before blood donation

• Don't eat junk food on the day of blood donation

• Soon after donating blood don't remove the strip bandage; keep it for a few hours to avoid skin rashes

• Avoid lifting heavy objects or exercising for a few days after donating blood

But you need to follow a few rules before and after donating blood. If you don't pay attention to these simple guidelines, you may feel tired, weak, dizzy, or even anaemic in critical cases.

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