Farmers' protest reaching a point of no return?

Farmers’ protest reaching a point of no return?

Farmers’ protest reaching a point of no return?


This has reference to your editorial on “The changing contours of farmers agitation” (Feb, 6)

This has reference to your editorial on "The changing contours of farmers agitation" (Feb, 6). The farmers agitation is being blown out of proportion. Politicians are playing a spoil sport. Every political party, including the Congress, want to take credit of addressing their sufferings. But they did not do it when they were in power. The farmers problem differs from state to state. This problem is being internationalised is a matter of concern. Opposition and the so called social activists are doing vote bank politics. The situation has become very sensitive and volatile. A situation has been created wherein the opposition are the real champions of the farmers.

Now both the stake holders, the farmers and the government are in tenterhooks. No one wants to give in. The government still says its doors are open. Even the Supreme Court advise had also fallen on deaf ears. This will take The protest of the farmers to a point of no return. The opposition, instead of solving the problem, are instigating the farmers. They should see that the problem is resolved early without playing politics.

— Sravana Ramachandran, Chennai

This refers to 'Rihanna, Greta back farmers' protest (THI, February 4). Twitter has reverberated with hash tags and comments from some foreign celebrities like Rihanna - singer and performer, Meena Harris - niece of US Vice-President Kamala Harris, Greta Thunberg - climate activist, Jim Costa - US house foreign affairs committee member, Lilly Singh - Youtuber, Rupi Kaur - poet, Rush - rapper, Mia Khalifa - former adult star, Vanessa Nakate - Ugandan climate activist and a host of others, who came in support of farmers' protest against farm laws. Later on, MEA gave a strong statement that it will take legal action against twitter if those comments are not removed immediately.

Film stars Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Kangana Raut Producers Karn Johar and Ekta Kapoor, cricketers Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli etc., came in support of the government stand immediately. Earlier the Government disconnected internet connectivity and erected makeshift walls, planting huge metal spikes on roads and deploying concertina wire fences at the farmers' agitation sites just outside Delhi. Bharatiya Janata Party's think tank of Modi-Amit Shah solved decade long problems like Ayodhya issue (Ramjanma Bhumi-Babri Masjid controversy), Kashmir issue etc., But the farmers' agitation is becoming dicey day by day with nobody budging from earlier stands and becoming a thorn in BJP's flesh. It is better not to prolong the stir on the part of both the sections in the interest of the nation and also preserve Indian image in the international community.

— V Nagendra Kumar, Hyderabad

Though the farmers protests by and large is peaceful, the fact that it escalated after R-day mayhem due to vested interests extending support to farmers with an eye to polarise and break India. A preliminary probe into the source of Powerpoint toolkit by environment activist Greta Thunberg's accidentally tweet reveal Canada-based pro-Khalistan organisation's aim is to damage India's interests.

As such, social media flooded with international support coming from unexpected quarters including international celebs for farmers protest was shocking because their uncalled for remarks posted is meant only to disturb peace and disharmony in the society. However, what was more annoying is the social media twitter agog with inflammatory content targeting the indian prime minister in the garb of activism which is nothing but is a recipe to anarchy and therefore condemnable in strongest terms.

Obviously, foreign ministry blasting the vested interests who are trying to mobilise international support against India and for destabilising a popularly elected democratic government by warning the social media giant Twitter to remove inflammatory content is apt because it is an internal issue and outsiders have no business to make comments on India's internal matters. In the same breath, the foreign ministry drawing an equivalence to Republic Day violence and the Capitol Hill insurrection in the wake of President Biden backing the new farm laws and further adding that reforms are imperative for attracting more foreign investments, a sequel to economic growth cannot be brushed under the carpet even though farmers issue is an internal affair of a nation.

At the same time, the farmers problem unfortunately receiving undue international attention is getting more aggressive after infiltration of vested interests who are only keen to drag the issue rather seeing farmers and government arrive at an amicable solution. As the sensationalist social media hashtags comments aimed only at inciting farmers and inflicting more damage, the government issuing an ultimatum to twiiter after it refused to comply its request is absolutely right and as well a reminder to social media that it cannot escape serious consequences for its actions.

All said and done, desi celebs and ministers slamming disgruntled elements by dismissing the false and fake propaganda has also sent a strong message that such irresponsible comments cannot deter India's unity built on a strong foundation. Now that, the farmers issue has reached a boiling point, Prime Minister cannot disregard and drag the farmers problems further by taking conctete steps to resolve the issue on priority in the interest of farmers and nation at large.

— K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

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