Kohli should behave responsibly

Kohli should behave responsibly

Kohli should behave responsibly


Winning and losing is common in sports and games

Winning and losing is common in sports and games. Those who win are happy, excited and enthused and those who lose feel unhappy and get a bit frustrated.

But a real good loser neither gets unhappy nor frustrated but will be ready to fight back with the right spirit and work with all efforts to win the next game. Especially in cricket which is branded as the ' gentleman's game ' players will have to have maximum restraint from showing their disappointment and frustration openly.

Human it is to express ones emotion on the field but when it crosses the limit and that too when watched by millions of spectators each and every expression of the player will be noted and might have its effects on the viewers.

Captain Kohli, skipper of Royal Challengers Bangalore recently got so disappointed, losing his wicket in an IPL match against Sunrisers Hyderabad , that he hit a chair after reaching his dug- out obviously showing that the captain was visibly frustrated.

The video has gone viral on social media. Virat Kohli is a fantastic player no doubt and he has millions of cricket fans in India and abroad. The younger generation looks upon such cricketers as role models.

Expressions of anger, disappointment, frustration will be aped by youngsters who lose their game and tasks. Sometimes this can hurt themselves and others too.

Players , losing their cool when things don't go their way , were there in the past too but nowadays it seems as if players are getting vexed and resort to violent antics even for trivial matters.

Whether it is the gentle man's game, the scintillating soccer game Or any other, players must control themselves for aren't values like gentlemanliness, gallantry, discipline and sports man spirit worthy principles that are taught by games and players?

— M Pradyu, Kannur

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