MyVoice is to lift up the voices and experiences

MyVoice is to lift up the voices and experiences

The rain in England seems to be the 11th participating team of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

Rain and World Cup

The rain in England seems to be the 11th participating team of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Although it was anticipated before the tournament that the rain and inclement weather may disrupt some of the matches, one had not expected that the disruption will lead to the cancellation of 4 matches.

Things may get worse for the spinners if it rains in the further matches. For the batsmen, it may be slightly easier to play as the ball will come straight into the bat owing to the wetness of the pitch. It will be interesting to watch the upcoming matches. The real test begins now.

Tushar Anand, Patna

WC should have been in March-April

It's really disappointing to see rain playing spoilsport in the world Cup cricket tournament 2019 edition with many matches getting cancelled and fully washed out much to the dismay of cricket teams and cricket buffs around the world.

The latest being a blockbuster much awaited-India vs New Zealand which was abandoned due to rain. Some teams, sadly, have not been able to display their real mettle and gather points to be one among the top four and some unhappily had to share points with their opponents.

If this continues rain will have it's final say when the tournament moves further into its final phase.The road to Lords seem to be slushy and slippery!

Though the ICC opted to conduct matches in England during June - July taking into account that it's a period when rainfall is minimum ,climate, it seems had other plans with heavy downpours completely ruining matches.

It's also disappointing that the organisers didn't include reserve day's in their schedule stating problems related to logistics. According to meteorological facts related to weather England has least rain fall in March.

The organisers could have conducted such an important tournament during March and April. This is a pretty good lesson for organisers around the world to fix very important matches during non-raining months.

As India is going to host the next world Cup the BCCI and the ICC will have to be double vigilant while fixing the months and the dates.

M Pradyu, Kannur

Doctors deserve better

The way Mamata-led west Bengal government had handled the case of assault on duty doctors by the relatives of a patient in a medical college is contemptible.

When the fellow doctors across the state are in strike in support of the victim doctors, the chief minister came down on them heavily, instead of taking action against the culprits.

Such a partisan reaction against doctors by the government will send a wrong message and embolden the perpetrators of the violence to the detriment of the society as a whole. The attacks on the doctors have been on rise across the country these days.

There are so many factors from commercialisation of health services to trust deficit between the patient and doctor causing the malaise to worsen. The state government of Andhra Pradesh brought in an Act making the assault a non-bailable offence in 2007.There should be such a stringent law in place across the nation to dissuade the perpetrators.

The doctors should improve their interpersonal communication skills with patients and fellow men. The community should be sensitised enough that there should be no unrealistic expectations about the medical fraternity.

The government should increase the budgetary lay out to cater the demands of health sector. A sensitive approach is needed to address a sensitive issue.

Dr D V G Sankararao, Nellimarla

Reduce tenures of Parliament, Assembly

Recently in India election process was completed in 72 days that to with the use of EVMs . particularly in AP both parties paid Rs 2000 to each and every voter .

Indonesia one of the oldest south Asian countries also went to polls recently . They completed polls national wide in single day that too with ballot system they had more than 19 crore voters each had 6 ballots as we had 2 ballots in AP.

If we implement this system in future doubts may not arise . Regarding reforms the term of assembly council and parliament both houses should be reduced to 3 years from 5 years state legislative council and Rajya Sabha from 6 years to 3 years .

in America their term was 4 years only and President should not be elected more than twice. in India PMs and CMs are planning to rule for 30 years. is this the democracy which Ambedkar had dreamt of?

Doradla Satyanarayana, Nidubrolu

Govt should be stringent on restaurants

It refers to highly irresponsible guidelines dated 21.04.2017 issued by Department of Consumer Affairs (Government of India) wherein consumers going to hotels and restaurants for enjoying food are advised to approach Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum against malpractice of certain restaurants and hotels charging compulsory service-charge in their invoices instead of the Department imposing ban on such levying of service-charges or even providing column for tip.

Guidelines doubt of some under-the-table deal with associations of hotels and restaurants, because everyone knows that consumers go to hotels and restaurants for enjoyment and relaxation rather than fighting for their rights through cumbersome court-procedures.

If eateries are really sincere for staff-welfare, they can increase their wages on their own. Also, since there is no limit on served food-prices, they can increase prices rather than adopting back-door route to fool consumers through unfair service-charge.

Law must be tightened for incorporating prison-provision for eatery-owners levying service-charge in bills. Rather paying and accepting tips otherwise also may be made an offence since gifts and tips are polished form of bribes. Even provision of writing tip-amount on credit-card pay-slips must be abolished.

Central government should go ahead with its proposal to reduce GST on services provided by restaurants including also by air-conditioned ones to 12-percent slab by abolishing corruption-generating provision of Input-Tax-Credit (ITC) of raw material. Any objection by restaurant-owners against abolition of ITC must not be entertained.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Save govt schools in AP

The newly formed government in AP has taken several welfare measures by keeping its party's election manifesto. No doubt such things are aimed at instil positive vibe among farmers, employees and common public about the government.

Among other measures announced, the "Ammavadi " is relating to school education .As per the scheme ,every mother who sends her Ward(s) to school will be given Rs 150000 per annum.

While announcing the scheme ,the government states that the scheme is applicable to both public and private school going children. It opened the Pandora's box as it will ruin the future of government schools.

When there is equal treatment between the public and private sectors, the teaching community fears that , people generally prefer the latter as private managements use their propaganda blitz.

So, it seems the government is caught between devil and deep sea. I think the government must not extend the scheme to all private schools as a blanket rule.

It must verify the infrastructure facilities available in the schools like classrooms, playground, qualified teachers etc as these are very much important for the bright future of the children.

If necessary, the government must think of heterogeneous payment to private and public schools under the scheme giving edge to the latter. Already preference is being given to government schools pass outs in IIIT admissions.

Otherwise the system of government schools will perish with the government scheme. At the same time both government and teachers must think over how to entice the pupils.

Pratapa Reddy Yaramala, Tiruvuru

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