MyVoice is to lift up the voices and experiences

MyVoice is to lift up the voices and experiences

MyVoice is to lift up the voices and experiences

World should be ready to deal with natural calamities

Hurricane Dorian has been in the news as the storm has left huge trail of destruction on the Bahamas Island and in other areas nearby close to the Atlantic Ocean.

People and other inhabitants in those areas have been struggling like anything post Hurricane Dorian. The media houses, especially from the USA, have been reporting the situation out there back to back.

Despite the availability of great technology, we cannot simply neglect the weather patterns. Be it in Asia or America, the weather vagaries have been in the news.

In areas like Tuticorin, Korkai, Tiruchendur, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari in my native State Tamil Nadu, people and farmers have been toiling away and living through many monsoon vagaries and rough weather conditions.

It is important for the international community to have strong contingency plans in place to deal with and make the most of the weather conditions.

P Senthil Saravana Durai, Mumbai

Kudos to Kohli for creating history

Leading India in the 257-run with over West Indies in the 2nd test of the series, Virat Kohli became the most successful captain of the nation on the same ground he had made his test debut in in 2011.

Virat Kohli, with 28 wins in 48 matches, now has the

most test wins as Indian captain, bettering the records of MS Dhoni, Sourab Ganguly and Mohamad Azharuddin.

Arya Kasliwal, Ujjain

Carelessness costs lives

This refers to the report 'Man and his son die after eating birthday cake in Siddipet (Sept 4). Thanks to the lethargy of people concerned, they forget to sincerely carry out their official duties, which in turn, prove fatal in case like this.

A family in Siddipet lost two of their precious lives as an unsuspecting relative bought a birthday cake from an irresponsible bakery. Believing in the function of local bakeries, many get foodies of their choice without any doubt.

Also, the people in general believe that the officials concerned in the Vigilance and Food Safety departments concentrate on assessment of quality of food, but it turns out to be a false believe.

The sad incident that happened somewhere in Siddipet highlight the factor that the victim brought poisoned cake without the knowledge about the danger concealed in the food.

People should keep in mind that these kinds of dangers are everywhere and the workers, in any field, should discharge their duties with utmost care otherwise that will prove costly.

The Vigilance and Food Safety departments should be held responsible and the authorities should make sure such incidents are not repeated.

Raju Kolluru, Kakinada

Let's respect our women

I am very regretful to say that our beloved country is still witnessing women inequality and injustice. Really it is showing how deeply the gender discrimination has been rooted in our society.

It is high time for each and every individual to cast aside such ridiculous things and behave respectfully. Otherwise Indian history never forget and forgive such ridiculous thing whenever next generation will know tomorrow and they will be ashamed to term us us as their forefathers.

More importantly, everyone who is concerned about the welfare of our society as a whole should respect women and treat them with utmost dignity. We should all strive to give them their due share and empower them for the development of our country.

Md Azim, Sheohar, Bihar

Arrest of whistle-blower scribe deplorable

The midday meal controversy in Uttar Pradesh where a journalist alleged that children were being given substandard meals, and its fallout, whatever the merits or demerits of the case, is one in a long list of controversies which have plagued the scheme since it was introduced in 2001.

Journalists who expose such irregularities should be commended for their good work rather than booked, as Jaiswal has been arrested by the Yogi Adityanath government.

The media is the fourth pillar and its job is to work parallel to the government and report the ground reality for the better functioning of the system.

But it is not possible when the very channel meant to voice public opinion is silenced by imposing draconian laws. The government should amend this worrisome state of affairs rather than branding the mirror showing the truth as criminal.

Jayatheertha S A, Hyderabad

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