MyVoice: Views of our readers - 17 Dec

MyVoice: Views of our readers - 17 Dec

MyVoice: Views of our readers - 17 Dec

Act fast on climate change

Perhaps climate change is the most serious challenge humankind has had to face in its descent or evolutionary trail as it may render it difficult to adapt or acclimatise and survive.

It is sad to note that the UN conference on climate change, a common concern for humankind just held in Madrid has produced no great results for us to be hopeful of accelerated collective action being taken to combat climate change.

The warning by climate scientists of dire and devastating consequences of inaction or less than necessary action by world leaders has gone unheeded in Madrid.

The intransigence shown by certain affluent countries with carbon-intensive economies on global carbon trading and transfer of funds and technologies to impoverished countries dampens and decelerates the global fight against climate change.

No unanimity has been arrived at in the high-profile summit on how to run the global carbon markets where countries that cut down emissions and countries that emit more carbons can trade. 'Climate justice' is vital to tackle climate crisis.

The 'polluter pays' principle should be taken into account in climate negotiations. 'Common but differentiated responsibilities' should inform or determine 'intended nationally determined contributions'.

It is important 'to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor'. The rich in poor countries also contribute to the world's carbon footprint.

Nevertheless, the life-and-death issue of climate change cannot be entirely left to the affluent and rapacious countries to deal with.

It is now quite clear that terrestrial life is at risk from anthropogenic or human-induced climate change. The global community has to act fast (and before it is too late to do anything about it) to save the planet from life-threatening rise in temperature.

G David Milton, Maruthancode, Tamil Nadu


It's a wasted opportunity for the world community not to come to a logical conclusion on environmental issues in recently concluded Madrid conference.

The longest conversation involving about two hundred countries in 25th conference of parties under roof of UN has ended without any substantial output on an important and serious issue of climate change exposing the duplicity of world leaders.

The target of limiting temperature of earth to two centigrade of pre-industrial era seems to be unattainable now, thanks to the adamant USA which absolves its responsibility despite its share of fifteen percent green gas emissions of entire humanity.

The European Union, India, China, Brazil and likes should take initiative to lead the world in the matters of environmental protection.

Dr DVG Sankararao ,Nellimarla

Don't increase LS seats

There is no justification to increase number of Lok Sabha seats citing increase in population and the move only benefits political unemployed at the cost of tax payers money (Pranab for raising LS strength to 1000, December 17) .

As it is we have many political representative positions such as MLA, MLC, MP (Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha) which need to be curtailed.

Governments should not adopt dual standards- they support merger of banks, reduce employees in various organisations citing information technology while create more states, districts indiscriminately for political reasons.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao, Hyderabad

Empower criminal justice system

Considering the gravity of the matter, the encounter in Disha case can't be termed injustice especially with reference to the accused.

Further, it should also be taken into note that, the SC while hearing a plea for compensation to the accused in Disha case has out rightly rejected it stating that they have not committed an ordinary crime.

Extra judicial killings are not outlandish in this country, but this case is truly an exceptional one as it's been portrayed to have reflected the mood of the nation.

Further, having acknowledged the swift action of Telangana Police in this regard, the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh government has brought in Disha Act setting the time limit of 21 days in rape cases to expedite the trails with conclusive evidence.

Strengthening the four wings of the criminal justice system ie police, prosecution, judiciary and prisons is the need of the hour.

Sateesh Reddy Kanaganti, Nalgonda

Ban pornography

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar aka "Sushasan Babu" urges PM Modi to put a ban on all pornographic content on internet as it poisons people's mind and it leads towards brutality and violence against women and children.

Many people take pleasure and vanity in uploading violent videos over such websites which incites people to do it more.

The significant rise in crimes and atrocities against women and children bear witness to the fact that there is something which is making people violent, pornography is one of those predominant reasons.

Nitish Kumar comes up with unvarnished truth and for that he deserves a pat on the back. Now, the ball is in centre's court.

Rahul Chouhan, Hyderabad

Why hurry up Ram temple construction?

As the new citizenship law is stirring up a hornet's nest setting off protests across the country both by the Opposition parties and students mostly from minority Institutions, the Centre instead of dousing the flames and address the concerns of the protestors, is setting the deadline for the sky-high Ram Temple within the next four months.

It's unfortunate that the home minister has not spoken a single word on the alleged police brutality.

A comforting statement from him could have assuaged the anger and anxiety among the students. The announcement came in when Amit Shah was addressing a public rally in Jharkhand ahead of the elections.

Amit Shah declared that the Ram Temple will be constructed in Ayodhya within four months. What is the tearing hurry to build the temple?

At a time when there are widespread fears that these twin measures -CAA & NRC-will end up targeting and harassing Muslims and the unhappiness and anger which they are nursing against the BJP over the Ayodhya verdict , Article 370 ,triple talaq should India worry about the building of Ram temple? What we want is peace in this country.

J S Acharya, Hyderabad

Dangerous situation of mistrust

The proverb that "you can take horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink" , is very relevant in the post- CAA scenario in Assam, NE States and rest of India today .

The eruption of widespread protests, death of 5 protesters the deteriorating law and order,might surely have depressed the PM and the HM, who have successfully brought a new legislation, but evidently various sections of the Indian society in several states are firmly of the opinion that CAA is not in accordance with the constitution and ethos of India.

The CMs of West Bengal, Kerala and Punjab states have gone on record that NRC and CAA are not going to be implemented in their states, as the law is discriminatory and divisive. ( Mamata leads march says won't allow NRC & CAA, THI ,17 Dec).

The chief reason for this dangerous situation of mistrust in the country today is due to the fact that, the Government has consulted ,neither the state governments and political parties ,nor the people and the stake holders .

Hence the people are having reservations and suspicion on exclusion of other persecuted minorities. Therefore, the government should suspend the implementation of the CAA forthwith temporarily, and start consultation process with all the stake holders and bring about consensus in the larger national interest .

The amended law can be implemented once the consensus is achieved Hope there will be peace tranquility and national consensus in this joyous Christmas season in the entire country .

P H Hema Sagar, Secunderabad

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