MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th February 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th May 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th May 2021


It is very unfortunate that Uttarakhand glacier burst that occurred on 7th Feb 2021 resulted in the death /missing of about 200 persons in that area

A tragedy of Himalayan proportions

It is very unfortunate that Uttarakhand glacier burst that occurred on 7th Feb 2021 resulted in the death /missing of about 200 persons in that area. This figure is likely to go up in the final count. In addition to the huge loss of human lives, due to different reasons, two hydel projects were damaged and some houses were badly affected; resulting in huge loss to the nation. Why such natural calamities are occuring? This requires serious introspection and scientific studies and analysis.

At the same time, looking at another angle, some observations appear not irrelevant. Nation bestowed by God, provided huge resources to harness for the welfare and wellbeing of humanity at large. But what are we are doing? Nature is misused and abused.

This aspect requires introspection and to apply the correct remedies. God is being forgotten. His teachings are conveniently ignored. Moral values and morality have taken the back seat. It seems people have no fear of God, no love for God.

God advised us to acquire- Daiva Preeti ( Love for God) and Paapa Bheeti (Fear of sins). Further for the prosperity of any nation, the index level of national character need to be as high as possible. To achieve this all concerned and who matter most have extraordinary and special responsibilities.

Y G Krishna Swamy, Rajahmundry

Rent-a-cause activists abound

In our country, of late, it has become a profession for some people to poke their nose in each and every issue. Let it be a religious issue, political issue, academic issue, farmers' issue, they at once jump into action and start making loud hues and cries. In some instances, they are not at all related to them or they don't know even the alpha and beta of the issue. Yet, they try their level best to disturb the law and order situation in the society. Our PM Modi has rightly used the term 'Andolanjivi' to refer to them. The government should initiate stern actions against such traitors (this term aptly suits them).

Venkata Seshasai Deevi, Narasaraopet

Good move by PM

It is good that the Prime Minister appealed to the protesting farmers to initiate talks to resolve the three farmer laws issue. It is equally good that the farmer leaders responded to PM's invitation for talks positively. (End stir, hold talks: PM. Feb. 9) Now that there is a conducive atmosphere for discussions, both Government and the agitating farmer leaders should think afresh. listen to each other's point of view, and discuss the problem without digging the past.

This meeting should be the last and final one to resolve all the issues related to the three farmer laws and end the stalemate once for all. In short this is Now or Never situation for both the parties.

G V N Murthy, Hyderabad

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