MyVoice: Views of our readers 13th November 2022

MyVoice: Views of our readers 13th November 2022

Views of our readers

Governors must be apolitical

Most of our Governors often are in news for wrong reasons. Be it the LT Governor in Delhi,or the present incumbent in the gubernatorial post in Kolkata or his counterparts in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Telangana, the story is the same.

The TN government says that the Governor deliberately sits on the files and bills sent for his signature on some flimsy reasons. The Governor in Kerala has gone a step ahead and dismissed about a dozen Vice-Chancellors. Etymologically 'Chancellor' means a doorkeeper but it doesn't mean that he can block or debar the smooth flow of administration in the State. It needs no saying that the Governor is bound to act as per the Constitution and as per the advice of the State Government. A Judgement of the Supreme Court in October 2022 also reiterated this in unequivocal terms.

The friction between KCR and Governor Tamilisai which has been going on for a protracted period now reached a boiling point, casting a dark shadow on the entire set up. The Centre is not expected to be a silent spectator, watching all this 'Tamasha.' If the Centre and the Governors appointed by it continue to act in a partisan manner,they would be doing a disservice to the people and leading to the rupture of our federal fabric. In other words Governors, must always come clean and act above politics,as recommended by the Sarkaria Commission.

Many Governors in the past used their experience and gumption in lending often avuncular advice and apolitical suggestions to the State governments. And such Governors can be the real keepers and upholders of the sacrosanct aspects of our Constitution.

– M Somasekhar Prasad, Hyderabad

The writer V Ramu Sharma's article highlighting that the Governors of Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala cannot be faulted for putting certain bills on hold for clarification is informative. However, it is distressing to note that it has triggered a debate for a timeframe for Governors to express their views on bills, though it is not ideal. Since Governors are appointed by the President of India not to influence the politics but to adopt non-partisan approach in all matters, it is therefore incumbent upon them to act within the limits.

But in the present case, where Chief Ministers instead of clarifying certain genuine doubts raised by the Governors to hammer out a solution are unfortunately throwing tantrums by terming the role of Governors as needless and unwarranted. In fact, the subjective imagination on the part of CMs that the Governors are meant not to raise question on their moves and actions but nod to their moves is nothing but mocking at the conventions, norms and spirit of democracy.

Even knowing that the role of Governors under the constitution is a sensitive aspect of centre-state relations, certain CMs violating protocol and instigating party members to stage violent protests before Raj Bhavan is an unhealthy trend, not in the interests of the state. All parties and governments need to follow the recommendations of Sarkaria Commission to resolve problems or differences with Governors through discussions. This would not only enhance the stature of gubernatorial post but also enable things to move smoothly.

– K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

This refers to "GOVERNORS ARE NOT RUBBER STAMPS" (THI, 12 .11.2022). This article by V. Ramu Sharma is very thought-provoking and sensible to create awareness among people about the status of Governors who are said to be constitutional protectors. Fortunately, or unfortunately, a hostile kind of milieu is often happening in the case of some states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Telangana. The Governors of these states - Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan, R N Ravi, and Arif Mohammad Khan - seemed to be not happy with their respective states' CM's for a plethora of reasons.

Whether it is a Governor or a Chief Minister, they shall have to understand that there are the public servants, not the public bosses, because people are the important citizens of that state ultimately. They have to work together in consultation with the governing mechanism of that state to safeguard the interests of such state's people. Now, the whole nation knows, what is happening in states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and West Bengal.

Instead of meddling in each other's routine jobs and administrative claims, both Governors and CMs should strive for the progress of people. If not, both of them may malign the dignity and decency of those respective states. And, if so, people will have an adverse impact on their growth.

Therefore, Governors shall have to think that they don't belong to any party as long as they function as governors. And, CMs should also respect governors and take their suggestions, if needed, in the interest of people. If it happens so, the governors for sure will come out of the stocked image of as governors are rubber stamps. And, the chief ministers may be given one more chance to come back to power.

– Dr Venkat Avula, Hyderabad

Remembering Moulana

Dr Abul Kalam Azad's birth anniversary (11 November) has since 2008 been observed as the National Education Day as tribute to visionary thinkers who helped establish world-renowned IITs and other institutes of higher learning. The leaders as usual paid their tweet tributes and rarely remember his role during Independence and thereafter until his death on 22 February 1958.

Abul Kalam Azad unlike Sardar Patel is of no use to the present ruling party, leave alone the Congress. However, it is important that his autobiography 'India Wins Freedom' composed by another great leader Dr Humanyan Kabir is an important literature to understand our freedom struggle and our struggle. Published first in 1959 by Orient Longman (now Orient BlackSwan) it turned out to be the most read book by all sections because some 30 pages of the book were withheld as desired by late Aazad as he didn't want to hurt his contemporaries who were still alive including his close associate Jawaharlal Nehru.

Interestingly, since the book was published posthumously, Dr Kabir who composed his autobiography went on to send the manuscript to Nehruji for reading and clearance. Nehruji not only refused to read but wrote back to him that the book should be faithful to the late Azad and should be published as narrated by him. The first edition was a big success. When publishers were ready to publish the complete version including 30 pages in February 1988, a huge controversy arose before the Orient Longman won the copyright case. The controversy was so intense that suddenly Azad was in the news all over again.

Classic example leaders from Independence are remembered only if there are controversies surrounding them or otherwise useful to them for electoral benefits. However, the book 'India Wins Freedom' continues to stay alive for the generation next who should understand the role of various leaders and the partition of India.

- N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

KCR govt actions under public lens

The protocol schism is taking a not decent turn in Telangana. KCR not attending PM's functions during his trips to Telangana will send such signals which depend on the person/party that is interpreting them. The interpretation varies according to interpreters' allegiance either to KCR or Modi. If we keep these two apart, let us try to understand from an entirely different perspective. To do so, we need to rewind eight years back. The bonhomie between the two could be easily seen to be believed. A good number of bills passed in Parliament till farmers' bill was withdrawn had the approval of the TRS MPs too in both the Houses. In case of some bills, TRS boycotted instead of voting against. Protocol was never breached either in Delhi or Hyderabad. When things went wrong, politics took an ugly turn and both saw an opportunity in belittling each other though people felt it was all in the game and that indeed internally both were bosom friends. But all said and done, particularly after the bitterly fought Munugode bye elections, people are realising that yes both the parties are at loggerheads. Only time will tell whether the captain of the ship KCR is steering is on the right course.

KCR can in the meantime, and for a change, break the ice and attend PM's events at least in future as in the capacity of CM and not KCR, he has to respect the PM, if not Modi. People keep watching this as they do follow hierarchy in their day to day life. Similarly, people also expect to see the CM in Secretariat though it doesn't really matter, particularly after Covid how things have changed.

The two things, one regarding protocol and the other attending office in office will be top priorities which will have a bearing among other issues when voters in Telangana exercise their franchise in 2023 Assembly and 2024 Parliament elections.

– D Nagarjuna, Hyderabad

Curbs on defections not anytime soon

Defection and corruption which are complementary to each other in contemporary politics are two major issues which political parties would rather talk about than root out. For contemporary netas, switching loyalty is as easy as easing their bladders at will. Habitual jumping jacks who after reaping all benefits for 5-years enjoying power simply jump the ship and join the ruling party stating routine cock & bull story that he is impressed by the performance of the party – the actual reason is he cannot remain powerless for 5-long years.

The bare truth is 'a politician who is not loyal to a single political party during his lifetime cannot be loyal to another political party' and he will be stamped as rank opportunist and a perennial turn coat. Sadly in India, the Election Commission is made a fangless body by every elected political party and nobody is ready to enact a law entrusting supreme powers to the Commission so that they can effectively curb the defections of chameleon-like politicians.

We thought that BJP is a party with a different ideology, but the party boss although doing wonderful works for the Nation's building and reviving our cultural heritage put to backburner this crucial aspect, as this party also may need the turncoats to topple the governments in power. If Modi can arrest the game of jumping jacks by enacting a law, he will be remembered for ever by all Indians. But, he is not able to do anything to curb the menace as his political compulsions are forcing him not to touch the malignant jumping jacks/horses.

- Rama Krishna M, Kakinada

Learnings from pandemic

Much of the credit for causing the pandemic to wane should go to the scientific fraternity, the best of our species. Needless to declare the winner in the clash between religion and science. One key learning is that trust in science will stand us in good stead when it comes to fighting a life-threatening bio-threat as a pandemic.

Greater international solidarity and cooperation would have further strengthened the fight against the pandemic and reduced its terrible cost in death and suffering. This is not to say that there has been no international coordination and collaboration in seeking to solve the global health crisis.

The pandemic showed how the existing health systems proved inadequate to ensure access to health care for all and meet the challenge. Most of what was done was reactive and fell short of what was required to be done proactively to minimize the loss of life. Lack of timely medical services proved costly in terms of lives. Health professionals - doctors, nurses, paramedics and others - formed the first line of defence and did their best to tame the pandemic. The pandemic stressed the need for a change of priorities. We must change our priorities for the sake of our continued existence on this planet. Health is wealth; no growth or prosperity is possible without health; investment in health is investment in the wellbeing of people. It is needed to be better prepared for future pandemics too.

– G David Milton, Maruthancode, TN

Fight against pneumonia

Around the world, pneumonia affects 55 million kids under the age of five each year.The burden of pneumonia in India is 23% of the global total, and case fatality rates range from 14% to 30%. Every 13 seconds, one person passes away. Pneumonia is still a disease that is ignored and is a "global cause without champions."

The World Pneumonia Day is celebrated every year on November 12 worldwide to raise awareness of the disease's causes and prevention because the majority of people are still unaware of these facts. The day also emphasizes calling for action to combat this disease. Pneumonia is an acute respiratory infection that can be caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Patients who have pneumonia experience breathing difficulties as their lungs fill with fluid.

Children are especially at risk in communities where vaccination rates are declining, malnutrition rates are rising as a result of food shortages, and homes use polluting fuels for cooking and heating. If immediate action is not taken to reach these children, including with oxygen and antibiotics, UNICEF has predicted an explosion in child deaths.By 2030, nearly nine million child deaths from pneumonia and other major diseases could be prevented if pneumonia prevention efforts were increased.

Pneumonia is largely treatable with prompt access to the right management, such as antibiotics, hospital referrals, and oxygen when required.Additionally, vaccination awareness campaigns can be a key tool in lowering pneumonia-related fatalities. With new, efficient pneumonia vaccines now readily available, there have been significant changes and advancements. Therefore, in order to reduce the burden of preventable childhood pneumonia and deaths, it is imperative to increase public awareness of the illness and to strengthen, expedite, and sustain interventions to prevent and treat pneumonia.

– Dr Krishna Kumar Vepakomma, Hyderabad

Teaching alphabets in a unique way

When my grandfather was going through Hans India (November 7) in the morning, my eyes were attracted by Young Hans "Unique way of teaching" in which the new methods of teaching alphabets with the names of Hindu deities are only indicated up to ABCD. When I have visited Google search, I found all 26 letters are coined with Hindu deities only. In all schools, all religious students are studying and, therefore, the explanation of alphabets to the students may be redesigned to cover all major religions as I humbly suggested with names, monuments and enthusiastic words, such as: 1. Arjun, 2. Bhagavad Gita 3. Christ, 4. Dhruva 5. Ekalavya, 6. Frisky 7. Gayatri, 8. Hindu 9. Indra 10. Jaihind, 11. Krishna 12. Lord 13 Muslim 14. Nation, 15. Omkara 16. Prophet Mohammed 17. Queen Jhansi Rani 18. Rama 19. Surya 20. Taj Mahal 21. Upanishads 22. Vamana 23. Wisdom 24. Xenial 25. Youth, 26. Zenith. Still, it can be made better by English laureates. I am aged 11 studying 6th standard in Bhavans Vidyalaya, Sainikpuri, Hyderabad.

– N Srinath, Hyderabad

Growing challenges to institution of marriage

The small news piece on director Atlee who had positive things to say about marriage which turned him into a 'man from a boy' was heartening.

For the contemporary generation, the perception of marriage is becoming extremely negative. They prefer to remain alone or are coming out of marriages at differences which to a generation back seem trivial. Either there is a fear or disrespect towards the institution of marriage as a building block for a healthy society. The alarming trend against marriage is visible in western countries. In the USA, paradoxically with increasing welfare policies where the state takes the role of a father, nearly 45% of children in Black communities are born out of marriage to a single mother. Typically, in western countries, one cannot ask the name of the father in a newborn unit. This is one of the first explicit instructions for fresh doctors from India.

Thankfully, the situation is not so bad in India. However, in the urban sphere and amongst the educated, questioning marriage and its need to have children seem to be on the rise. There might be endless debates on the need for marriage but statistically it is clear that both in males and females born of single mothers in the US, the social and civil problems like drug addiction, unemployment, violence is higher. So, the news item was nice and it would be appreciative if some of our celebrities make more positive statements about marriage. This generation tends to look at them more as role models than their 'old generation' parents!

- Dr Pingali Gopal, Hanamkonda

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