MyVoice: Views of our readers 16th April 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 28th April 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 28th April 2021


Deplorable language of netas This refers to the THI Editorial, 'Standard of public speaking in free fall'. There used to be times when the general...

Deplorable language of netas

This refers to the THI Editorial, 'Standard of public speaking in free fall'. There used to be times when the general public gathered to listen to speeches of political contestants for their sheer oratory and wisdom with great admiration and respect, irrespective of party affiliation and loyalty.

Can we be able to say the same thing about our present day politicians, who can stoop to any level to berate the political opponent with choicest indecent and undemocratic words? In a way this trend has become fashionable among leaders of all political groups, and the laymen have come to believe this to be true fashion and present trend among politicians in the country.

The political parties that are in the opposition do not seem to regard themselves as a legitimate entity facing the party in power as the country's democratic tradition dictates, but view the ruling party as an enemy, peril and risk for the survival that has been usurped at their cost.

These mentalities emerge perhaps due to lack of inclusiveness in the overall context of the nation, and see one's role as an essential component in the whole exercise as part of the vibrant democratic process that Indians have succeeded in achieving.

Whether one looks at the recently held election in the US, or the present elections in the country, be it in West Bengal, Telangana, Tamil Nadu – uncouth and dirty words are being freely used to berate and intimidate the opponent – without saying anything about how the situation be improved, if he or she is elected to power.

This free for all language usage by politicians will give a poor and dismal picture to the next generation on the sanctity, prudence and caution with which words have to be uttered in an election rally or at a public gathering.

The other wicked and despicable habit that is prevailing among the present cunning politicians is to disown their own statements made earlier, saying that a particular comment they had made was quoted 'out of context'.

Such cheap and silly justification will not help shore up the reputation of the political class, but reveal the rowdy mindset and mentality in facing adversity with muscle power and gangs of followers, who stoop to any level to create havoc.

This steady decline in the political class, in terms of quality of language used, and the need to improve their own character, is already too late for it to be meaningfully corrected.

S Lakshmi, Hyderabad

Mamata may still make it

The situation developing in West Bengal reminds me of the days of 1977 when Emergency was in force and election declared. In West Bengal the revolt of Suvendu Adhikari has created a hawa in favour of BJP.

TMC is tottering with a spate of resignations and crossing over. Mamata has become helpless for the first time in her life. Otherwise, the haughty lady full of arrogance, is surprised at the events unfolding. Also have become too nervous and jittery.

The rank file who used to shiver at the sight of Mamata, are now taking her easy. The fear has gone from them. Now Mamata is forced eat the insults. Already the countdown has started for Mamata, with Adhikari's resignation and joining BJP. The resignation of Adhikari is only acting like a catalyst.

The ground work for the defeat of TMC has already been laid much earlier by Amit Shah. Dynasty democracy of TMC is the root cause of erosion of vote bank. This has provided elbow room to BJP to grow as CPM was too weak to win back their cadre.

TMC is down but still a factor. They will not get majority, may still emerge as largest party. The lust of power will force them to form alliance; which will make them dependent on Independents or AIMIM support. WB is already going through bad phase; the fracture mandate will only make it worse.

Krishnan Subramaniam, Tiruchirapalli

Shocking apathy

It is a pity to note that the government has failed in stopping the rapid spread of second wave of corona virus. The number of surging cases daily to the tune of 150000 is an evidence of this.

This is clearly the result of irrational exuberance early in the New Year. After suffering for almost a year the government had prematurely assumed that Covid-19 was virtually over and made rash decisions to allow large religious gatherings with political campaigns with no regard to decease control.

This lapse threatens the nascent economic recovery. The latest pandemic resurfaced in a fully open society. There was unrestricted movement, markets were crowded,domestic and international travel was brisk, election campaigns were boisterously run for local bodies and assemblies, religious gatherings received state support.

Though masks were mandated notionally ,the public decided to follow the leaders and celebrities who disdained to wear them in public. It would have been better that an amendment be made in parliament to postpone all types of elections so as to avoid huge gatherings. This reveals how the government has given importance to elections at the cost of public health.

Lastly the Uttarakhand government failed completely in restricting the crowd at the Kumbhmela. Masks were not worn by a large proportion and physical distancing appeared impossible as more than 17 lakh people were allowed. Strict measures must be undertaken and at least further spread of virus is restricted

TSN Rao, Bhimavaram


Globally India is one of the worst affected due to COVID, and only 1 per cent of its population are fully vaccinated. With a steep spike of fresh COVID infections due to the second wave, the Health infrastructure in various states like Maharastra, Gujarat, etc has come into huge stress. the COVID infected patients are finding it extremely difficult to get a hospital bed and oxygen ventilators.

In these dire circumstances, it's utterly shameful on the part of our political leaders, to irresponsibly organise huge political rallies, throwing away all safety measures of wearing masks, social distancing norms, into the dustbin.

It's absolutely criminal on the part of the government to allow lakhs and lakhs of people to gather for Kumb Mega. We as a country cannot afford a second lockdown. I humbly appeal to the government to fast-track the vaccination drives; enforce strict social distancing norms in all places.

Sriharsha Gajjarapu, Mandapeta

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