MyVoice: Views of our readers 21st October 2020

My Voice: Views of our readers 4th September 2020

My Voice: Views of our readers 4th September 2020


I wonder how Nepal could be so ungrateful to the well-meaning actions by India, to become suddenly inimical towards its age-old friend and well-wisher India.


Nepal's ingratitude

I wonder how Nepal could be so ungrateful to the well-meaning actions by India, to become suddenly inimical towards its age-old friend and well-wisher India. Nothing proves this point beyond any doubt that Nepal was the first country of destination to be visited by Narendra Modi, after he assumed charge as Prime Minister of India, with enormous goodwill and ample financial and material assistance to that country. But, recent events by China on Nepal's sovereignty in the Limi region of Hamla district, to render Nepal alien to these places that China illegally occupied, by claiming these places as its own, must make Nepal realise the harm in the long term that is in store for the country for being overtly bonhomie with China.

The open border between India and Nepal has been the mainstay for innumerable Nepalese to seek jobs in India, in a variety of fields. The religious and mythological landmarks connecting the two countries are well known to the people of both countries. The Ramayana trail that originated in India has its ramifications extended to Nepal and Srilanka, which are popular religious tourist destinations for every Hindu in the world.

Nepal's gambit of losing a couple of areas to aggressive Chinese expansionism has further emboldened the latter to lay claim to Everest itself, which will sadly prove to be the last straw for Nepal to get reduced to the present predicament of Tibet, in the long term. The systematic political and economic moves by China in Nepal are unmistakably in this direction so far that did not go unmissed by the political analysis in Nepal as well as India.

Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli, one hopes will view these issues in the proper perspective, by not being carried away by petty and cunning financial sops extended by China, forgetting the fact that India and Nepal are traditionally good and friendly neighbours, and there was even a proposal during the partition and formation of Indian Republic, Nepal be made part of the Indian territory, that did not materialise.

K V Raghuram, Wayanad

Will Nepal be the next Tibet?

This refers to your editorial 'Will Nepal realise what China is up to?' (dated 20th October). Nepal's PM Oli has gone against the traditional wisdom and is paying its price. Oli in his zeal to spite India forgot that India is the country which has not encroached upon any of its neighboring countries. He should have checked out the facts of Doklam standoff, how India defended Bhutan from possible annexation of large part of it. China's aggrandisement and hegemony instincts are well known and its intentions are well manifested all across the world. China has practically engaged every neighbouring country over land disputes, be it India, Russia, Japan or Taiwan. Nepal which has redrawn map by including part of India as its own territory at behest of China little knowing that its own territory Limi may be annexed by foul weather friend China has only itself to blame. Nepal has no military might to engage India or China but playing a stupid pawn in China's hands may prove to be very costly affair to it. Oli has two options that it should play down its humiliation and like Pandit Nehru quoted the lost large land to China as 'barren land' and of no use to India and satisfy home audience or come back to India by first abrogating redrawn map, snapping ties with China and openly proclaim that China has cheated them. China which has locked horns with US in South China sea and Taiwan is already under pressure from Quad warning over its land grab policies, may relent. But if Oli goes on with China by ignoring Limi episode, it should better prepare for fate like Tibet.

Ashok Goswami, New York

Flying missiles from flyover

Hardly within one week, the newly inaugurated Kanakadurga flyover rang warning bells. Yesterday's damage in which a police constable received minor injuries may not be a serious one but it can definitely create panic in the minds of people using the flyover. Government should immediately order a thorough examination by experienced structural engineers and assure people that it is perfect and can be used without any fear.

D V Seshasai,


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