MyVoice: Views of our readers 23rd January 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 25th January 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 25th January 2021


Apropos ‘Stop CM campaign, KTR warns leaders’

KTR for KCR: A premature move

Apropos 'Stop CM campaign, KTR warns leaders'. It is but natural for cadres to be carried away by any announcement in terms of leadership change, as a young, new chief ministerial candidate has been hinted to emerge from the party since the announcement has been made by none other than the chief minister himself. The fire fighting in the aftermath of the news that is being done by KTR, in an effort to tone down the overt enthusiasm that is being evident on part of party MLAs and other senior leaders in the aftermath of KCR's announcement that KTR would be successor to the chief minister's post in the state.

The announcement could have waited as nobody in the right mind would think of any other candidate for CMs post in lieu of KCR. The dynasty connotations that other political parties are being branded in the country could have been avoided as a result. The natural enthusiasm by the MLAs and other supporters in having a young individual like KTR to govern the party is obvious, but as KTR has said it must not cause embarrassment as the announcement has come a tad too early in time - an event that is likely to unfold after two years or more; is what KCR intends to impress the MLAs. The crucial job on hand for cadres, about which they must more seriously focus, is on winning local body elections in Telangana.

K V Raghuram, Wayanad

Telangana Dy Speaker, T Padma Rao Goud and other TRS leaders' open appeal to their Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao to handover the reigns to his son KT Rama Rao reminds me of the post- Emergency days. When Congress leaders, prevailed upon the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi to give way for her younger son Sanjay to take mantle; but fate decided otherwise, due to the tragic untimely death of young Sanjay in June 1980. It seems, by floating this idea, TRS Chief made an attempt to test the waters amongst his party MLAs and MPs.

It is not that KTR possesses extraordinary qualities to accept CM post. In fact, Mr E Rajender and Mr T Harish Rao, the second rung leaders, with their long administrative experience and contribution in Telangana movement, deserve the post. Interestingly, by endorsing the views of his other colleagues for KTR, the Health Minister, Mr Rajender also fallen in line, much to the 'solace' of the CM ! Hereditary politics has become the practice of the day in almost all the regional parties in the country, including Telangana Rashtra Samiti.

The real threat to TRS is not in the party but in opposition camp viz. BJP, which is fast making inroads in KCR's citadel. If things go in favour of saffron party with increasing anti- incumbency wave in Telangana and gain power, young KTR's dream may shatter before it blooms. One may not be surprised then, if today's loyalists of ruling party may even make a beeline to BJP in such event!

Govardhan R Jilla, Mumbai

Indiscriminate populism in AP

Door delivery of ration to elderly and differently abled ones is welcome but the decision of Jagan Mohan Reddy government to purchase about 9000 vehicles at a cost of Rs 539 crore to supply the ration to all is not justified. Are people of Andhra Pradesh physically weak or have no time to visit ration dealer to get ration? (CM Jagan flags off vehicles for delivery of rations at doorstep, January 22). It is a pity Jagan government spends indiscriminately on freebies and populist schemes to ensure its vote bank is intact. There is urgent need to revive work culture among the people, lest state will become another Venezuela in due course.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao, Hyderabad

Biden begins well

Newly sworn US President Joe Biden has started strongly by signing 17 executive orders, memos and directives on his first day in office, including those on climate change, the pandemic, immigration and equality. Biden began dismantling significant parts of the Trump legacy, including rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organisation. These measures are welcome departures from the notorious Trump-era policies.

N J Ravi Chander, Bengaluru

Enter the Kamalam?

I got to read the letter "BJP and Kamalam'' (The Hans India 22 January). My name, like thousands of other south Indians is Kamalam, which my parents gave me much before the farmers in Gujarat started farming me what was earlier known as "Dragon Fruit". After reading reports on the name change, the Chief Minister of Gujarat has claimed that the fruit looks like "Lotus" and it is not proper due to its name one thinks of China.

The CM should understand that this is no way to deal with China which has strained our relationship with us, its better the government of India deal with them diplomatically or otherwise. Thanks to Google, on further research it has been found that apart from Gujarat, apparently this fruit is grown in my state, Karnataka, Kerala. Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. So it would have been better if it had been given a Indian name instead of the name that resembles his party's symbol.

One hopes others who have similar name lime mine would join me and urge not to give our name instead find a pan India name. Thanks to Bard, what is in name as long as fruit remains as tasty, healthy as it was then called "Dragon Fruit ''. But what happens, if party supporters demand to rename the Bruce Lee film "Enter the Kamalam"!.

S Kamalam, Chennai

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