MyVoice: Views of our readers 25th February 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th May 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th May 2021


Physical classes for students of class 9th and above had started from February in Telangana State


Safety of students should be top priority

Physical classes for students of class 9th and above had started from February in Telangana State. Now the State government has decided to allow physical attendance of students from class 6th to 8th and is obtaining consent of parents for allowing students inside the schools. As well as physical classes and online classes are also being given to 6th to 8th class students but

It depends upon parents' consent for students to attend the physical classes. In view of Covid-19 pandemic, schools were shut down across the country. The Central government said as per the state government guidelines, schools can be reopened, and students should be allowed to attend schools class-wise. On one hand, it is necessary to allow the students to attend physical classes but on the another, Covid-19 pandemic once more is spreading in an alarming proportion in some of the States. It is tough situation for reopening schools and maintaining precautionary measures. So, school managements must take precautionary measures strictly to curb the pandemic in view of the protections of the students.

If any untoward incident occurs among students, it will be very difficult to control. Managements should provide all items as per government guidelines and the Education Department officials also should inspect all the schools in their jurisdiction and take stringent action on errant managements. This is very important to control Covid-19 among students as well as to contain the spread of pandemic in the society. Parents should also procure and provide sanitisers, masks and other corona prevention items and educate their children and ensure that they follow those measures. School managements, teachers, parents and educational officials must take precautionary measures for the safety of the students in the State.

Abhignav Siddartha, Hyderabad

Covid-19: Govt should act before it is too late

The country is inoculating its people with Covid-19 vaccines. But in some States, the Covid-19 is still spreading at a fast rate and also there is lockdown in certain districts. With people starting to lead lives in a normal way similar to the pre lockdown times, slowly the government is opening the cinema theatres with 100% occupancy, schools are being reopened and people are under the impression that everything is back to normal. But in reality, the situation is becoming different and there are different Covid-19 mutants spreading in many parts of the country. So, before some disaster takes place, the government should look into the matter. We have to pull up the socks to bring back normalcy.

Manoj Kumar Rathna, Chennur

BJP govt digs its own grave

Fuel prices witness a continuous hike for the past several days. Petrol is close to make a century in several parts of the country. The question arises, when the price of unrefined fuel is at 20 USD per barrel, why the Central government did not reduce the price? Though the Central government is repeatedly hiking the fuel prices, never do they think about decreasing them. While the OPEC nations are trying to bridge up the loss incurred during lockdown, the Centre just wants to wash its hands, it seems.

The people are aware and know better, how to ulitise their electoral right. They are astonishing as when the government used to be in the Opposition, it used petrol hike as a tool of winning the election, but today they have fallen in their own net, and now holding Opposition responsible for the hike. People think about the promises and vote, therefore, if the government does not solve this issue, it might face problem in the upcoming elections in Bengal, Assam and UP. If the government wants, it can motivate and provide subsidy to promote e-vehicles, which will also be eco-friendly. LPG, PNG and other natural gas grid are on process of setting up. According to experts, use of natural gas as fuel will increase from the present 6.2 percent to 15 percent by 2030. Hope, if the government enlists fuel also in the GST, that would help make 'One Nation, One Fuel Price'.

Aman Jaiswal, Delhi

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