MyVoice: Views of our readers 30th April 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 18th May 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 18th May 2021


Timely support As the rising demand for oxygen, accommodation and vaccine in particular push India to get help from overseas, the Big brother's nod...

Timely support

As the rising demand for oxygen, accommodation and vaccine in particular push India to get help from overseas, the Big brother's nod to stand by India has boost trust up among corona patients. In response to the government's call to register for vaccine, scores of eighteen-year- olds knocked official portal in futile.

In that case, the Government set itself to get quality vaccine from the overseas as the vaccine available isn't enough to tackle the issue. Raw materials that are needed to manufacture vaccines, rapid test kits with quality be reached India soon as Big brother had promised dawn a big relief for national health department.

Supply of Astra Zeneca that left a name in checking pandemic is a big boon. Also getting quality oxygen from Bhutan make us to address pandemic effectively.

Raju Kolluru, Kakinada

Courts and the pandemic

State after State faces indictment in the courts and an anguished HC says that perhaps Election Commission should face murder charges for conducting the elections without following the protocols of Covid .

Whereas Election Commission passes the buck by saying enforcing the curbs is not its job and it is the responsibility of state disaster management bodies and the EC said it had continuously directed state authorities to enforce the instructions to prevent Covid spread.

Supreme court has maintained that it cannot be mute spectator during a national crisis and asked the Centre to clarify the basis and rationale behind the different pricing of Covid 19 vaccines.

Yash Pal Ralhan, Jalandhar

Terrible state of affairs

This refers to painful news item, "Indians face ordeal when loved ones die of Covid in Saudi Arabia'(The Hans India, Apr 29). It is not known till how long the second wave of the dreaded virus will be at its peak, killing mankind.

The tireless efforts of Saudi based Hyderabadi widow Janaki, deserves kudos, though fate decided otherwise. The situation in India too is equally grim, where there is shortage of graveyards in many cities, to perform rituals of Covid stricken dead bodies.

Due to non-availability of sufficient life-saving injections and Oxygen cylinders to needy patients, the death rate of young patients is increasing alarmingly. Whereas the unperturbed political leaders are preoccupied with their election campaigns.

As health infrastructure has virtually broken down, It seems the nation is facing Wuhan like situation (Dec 2019), keeping the lives of people at tenterhooks!

Govardhan R Jilla, Mumbai

Enforce appropriate behaviour

Night curfew is always a better alternative to total lockdown, provided all people follow Covid protocols strictly in the daytime. (Night curfew likely to be extended April 29) Since the arrival of second wave of Covid, all States in the country are really worried as how to make people to follow the preventive measures without laxity.

Hence, the government should enforce people, if required punish, and ensure that all people adhere to Covid appropriate behaviour to combat the present Covid pandemic.

G V N Murthy, Hyderabad

Faulty helpline

1075 a dedicated CoWIN helpline number isn't really helpful. Nine out of ten times, none appear to answer queries. What is the point in allotting a number helpline to answer queries when it doesn't work at all.

It's really frustrating. A lot of time, energy and effort goes in vain trying to seek help thru this dedicated helpline. Call centre executives should be made available round the clock.

Instead of having a single number, for the entire country, every State has to have its own dedicated helpline number. This would to some extent, reduce the heavy rush and jamming of lines and enable citizens to get their doubts and grievances redressed in a hassle free manner. The union health Ministry has to advise every state on this need.

N R Raghuram, Hyderabad

Waiting for the second dose

It is a fact that in Hyderabad many of the people, including we, the senior citizens have not yet received our second dose of Covishield vaccine as on date and our unfailing everyday contacts with the private hospitals where we have taken our first dose of Covishield in March second week got a same reply of ' vaccine shortage - we will inform you '.which seldom happens.

There is no further communication regarding our fate of getting a second vaccine from the private hospitals.

Now the central government has started registrations for the first vaccine to persons aged above 18 years. This will add up more problems and more waiting to the people who are yet to take their 2nd dose of vaccine.

It is in these circumstances that the respective State governments should first seek confirmation from all the govt / private hospitals that there are no cases pending with them as regards vaccinating 2nd dose and then only proceed for vaccination of 18 years over aged people.

Not only this, the authorities should also ensure that vaccination of the first dose to people who have missed their first shot for different reasons should also be undertaken by all vaccination centres on priority basis.

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao, Hyderabad

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