MyVoice: Views of our readers 4th March 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 21st April 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 21st April 2024


Challenging BRS boss to get a single seat if you are a ‘man’ in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections is certainly distasteful and objectionable by a responsible person in the capacity of Chief Minister of Telangana State

Irreverence toward women by BRS, Cong netas

Challenging BRS boss to get a single seat if you are a ‘man’ in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections is certainly distasteful and objectionable by a responsible person in the capacity of Chief Minister of Telangana State. If Revanth Reddy is a ‘male’ he should resign and contest from Malkajgiri, shot back by KT Rama Rao. It is nothing but defaming women folk. Many women defeated men in the past and present and will be there in future. Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi were known as iron ladies and were lions in the dreams of male politicians. It has become a practice for politicians to utter nonsense that they are not sitting and wearing bangles like women. This is another insulting, indecent and irreverence usage of words on women.

N Ramalakshmi, Secunderabad

Nail accused in scams during BRS reign

Every other day, the print & social media is abuzz with juicy stories of scams which make interesting news for scores of readers. Scams in states like Bihar, UP, Telangana, TN are in the news of late. The Congress government in Telangana is unearthing one scam after the other of the previous BRS government. Investigation by probe agencies should result in logical conclusion, resulting in nailing the accused and the losses incurred should be recovered & ploughed back to revitalise the state economy. Every paisa of the tax payers’ hard-earned money should be made accountable.

N R Raghuram Hyderabad

GDP growth points to India’s resilience

India’s gross domestic product (GDP) for the third quarter of the ongoing financial year accelerated to 8.4% year-on year and it is an encouraging sign. The government data on GDP growth in the corresponding period in the last financial year was 4.3%. The significant growth of 8.4% is a great reliever in the election year. GDP growth for the first two quarters of this year was raised to 8.2% and 8.1%, further rising to 8.4% for the October to December 2023 quarter (Q3). It shows the resilience of the Indian economy and its potential.

Dorai Ramani Suresh, Bengaluru

Solar energy safe, free and sustainable

The Rooftop Solar Scheme (RTS) is one of the best to have happened in the recent years. Tapping the natural energy sources is a must for India and solar energy which is available abundantly comes free of cost. Though the scheme is limited to one crore households, all others wishing to install RTS should be provided with all necessary assistance at reasonable cost, so that more and more people would take to solar energy. Though the initial cost for establishing RTS is slightly on the higher side, in the long run it is profitable as dependence on electricity gets reduced drastically. The solar panels and other equipment should be of standard quality and the service after installation should not be prohibitively costly.

Govardhana Myneedu, Vijayawada


Even SHGs can generate power under this scheme. Further it is stated that it can create nearly 17 lakh jobs through it generation, logistic and supply chain. Through its 25 year life span, release of 720 MT carbon dioxide, a byproduct of conventional power generation, into the atmosphere can be stopped. It seems the initiative can convert the power consumers into power producers just like farmers who are consumers as well as producers. The government should speed up installations solar panels on vast government buildings. Local bodies must be roped in to educate people about the initiative.

Pratapa Reddy Y, Tiruvuru, AP

Vitiating videos on WhatsApp alarming

Through the esteemed columns of The Hans India, I would like to raise my concern over the circulation of hate videos on WhatsApp. These hate target people of a particular religion and community and are spread to create fear, unrest, hatred and communal disharmony in the country. These videos are highly disturbing and are polarising people’s opinion to vote for a particular political party. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry should immediately implement a blanket ban over the circulation of such videos, now that the Lok Sabha elections are fast approaching. India is a secular country, and let us not allow certain elements to tear the secular fabric that holds our nation together.

Parimala.G.Tadas, Hyderabad

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