which should be the national animal - Tiger or Cow ?

which should be the national animal - Tiger or Cow ?

which should be the national animal - Tiger or Cow ?


The Hans India readers speak out their mind

Cow has great importance in the Hindu tradition. In Hindu tradition, cow is considered the earthly embodiment of Kamadhenu symbol of gentleness, maternity, loving and endurance.Her legs symbolise four Vedas; her nipples four Purushartha her horns symbolise the God, her face the sun and moon, and her shoulders agni (God of fire).Thus, the abode of each deity in each part. Based on these proven facts declaring cow as national animal is unerring.

Akula Kavitha. Private employee, Karimnagar

What is the need for this government to bring the issue of replacing National Animal Tiger with cow and what significance does it have at this juncture. When the entire nation is suffering with Covid-19 healthcare issues, the farmers are protesting in the streets for the anti-farming laws. In my opinion let it be Tiger or Cow, there makes no big difference as long as the living conditions of people in this country are improved.

Maddela Nagesh, Pharma professional, from Gadwal

Historically Tiger weighs more value in the animal kingdom as it is regarded as king of the forest due to its wildness and ferocity and of course anybody would show more interest in Tiger due to its unique features and attacking attitude, because of which it may have been chosen as our National Animal, however Cow which is a humble and most liken domestic animal among the large section of people in this country. It's difficult to choose between the two weighing between the two.

Sudhakar, Mahabubnagar

Tiger should be the Indian National Animal as we love tigers.,We Hindus worship goddess Durga sitting on tiger, Lord Ayyappa also sits on tiger, tiger is very closely related to legends. In Indian history beginning from Moghal emperor to Akbar, all loved to hunt tigers. Though lion is more powerful than tiger, we love tiger because of its color, royalty and style, that is why royal Bengal tiger was declared as our national animal, I want tiger to be our national animal

Ch Narendar, Adilabad

Our ancestors say that cow is one of the seven carrying forces. Goumata is not only a mother for her own children, it also feeds us. When a mother dies after giving birth to a child then we give cow's milk to the child. Our Puranas tell that All God and Goddess live in cow. We must save the cows. Cow should be the National Animal. So that cow slaughter stops. And we can save our protectors.

TVS Suchitra, class 9th, Khammam.

We Indians have a great responsibility in care of tigers because tiger is our National animal, if we replace our national animal with cow then the tigers will be in great risk. Tiger population is also gradually decreasing due to deforestation. Tiger is also national animal for Bangladesh, South Korea, Malaysia. Our country is number one in the population of tigers and number of sanctuaries. I want tiger to continue as Indian national animal.

Narasimha Swamy, Adilabad

In my opinion, replacing tiger with cow as a National animal is definitely a good move because this will sensitize more people to protect the fast reducing population of cows in this country. Apart from being a religiously worshipped animal cow also provides milk and related products which are very much useful for the mankind in fulfilling the food needs of this nation. Therefore I strongly recommend the Central government's move to replace cow with tiger as India's National Animal.

Deepa Nayak, Jadcherla, Mahabubnagar

COW is a symbol of cultural evolution.

966 million population of India is of Hindus.

And symbol of welfare and prosperity. In, Atharvaveda (one of the four Vedas). As the above facts it shows that cow is significant for religious festivals and it is used by the farmer. The government must announce Cow as the national animal instead of tiger.

P Jaivanth, VII Class, BPL School Bhadrachalam.

Cow should be declared our national animal as cow gives us milk like a mother, everything that we get from a cow is very useful to us even its urine. Cow benefit the humans and the environment in many ways that we fail to recognize or appreciate. Cows dung is also used as fuel all over the country. I want to say cow should be declared as national animal instead of tiger.

R Uday Bhaskar, junior college lecturer, Adilabad

Cow shouldn't be looked at in a communal angle. A Cow gives livelihood to most of the people in the country especially people in villages. The Cow can be declared as a National Animal to preserve the livelihood and ancient culture of the nation. Spiritualism is the spirit of this country. This is achieved only by preserving the culture of the ancient Indians.

Dr P S Vijayender Goud, Public Health specialist

Cow should be declared national animal unconditionally on Technical basis instead of religious basis. Cow's milk and milk products have medicinal values which improves immunity. Cow dung and urine are also very useful in agriculture and other aspects, I urge central government to announce cow as national animal without any late.

T Srinivas, teacher, Halia, Nalgonda

As per my opinion, everyone must respect the cow like our mother. one cannot imagine India without Cow. The cow is a sacred animal and an icon for world peace. The Cow is the only animal which is useful to the human community during its life and after death as well. Its duty of every Indian including governments to protect country's asset cow in all aspects

Bhaskar, Computer instructor, Nalgonda

I support cow as national animal. In my opinion, replacing tiger with cow is right in all perspectives. Not just because of Hindu dharma, cow has many dimensions to be regarded as sacred. Hopefully, it won't draw any opposition.

Dr K Sai Sharan, Asst professor, Warangal

It's better to announce cow as a national animal because Tiger can save itself from hunters most of the time, but we have to save cows from slaughter as it can't defend itself from butchers.

Dr Kishore, Associate Professor (Pediatrics), NMC, Nellore

I would like to add my sincere support for declaring cow as a national animal. In fact cow has itself regarded as sacred animal since ages. For every suspicious event, Hindus are bound to worship cow as a noble tradition. it's milk,urine, and dung are highly useful for human survival. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should take initiative to introduce a bill ensuring national animal status. Killing the cows is to be declared as major offence. All Hindus should rise their voice to declare cow as National Animal.

M N Murthy, President, Sankar Seva Samithi, Chittoor.

Cow is a sacred domestic animal as per Hindu religion and epics. It is a symbol of holiness. Cow is also a symbol of health and wealth in our rural economy as its milk, urine and dung are having medicinal values. Cow's milk is essential for children for their healthy growth as it has all minerals, vitamins. By considering all these qualities our central government should declare cow as national animal.

Boyina Someswara Rao, Srikakulam

In rural parts of India farmers give most priority to Cow. Grazing of cow is a symbol of sacredness. People of Hindu religion worship Cow as a symbol of goddess Lakshmi Devi. Our people believe that service provided to the Cow is service to the God. We are offering prayers to the Cow in several occasions as part of Hindu religious traditions. Cow is having high status in the minds of people and government should also prove its respect towards Cow by declare it as a national animal.

G Vasanthi, Asst Professor, AITAM Engineering College, Tekkali.

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