BLADE India launches by-the-seat copter services to Coorg, Kabini

BLADE India launches by-the-seat copter services to Coorg, Kabini

BLADE India launches by-the-seat copter services to Coorg, Kabini


One-way fare per passenger from Bengaluru to both destinations Rs 16,000

Bengaluru: BLADE India has launched its scheduled by-the-seat helicopter services between Bangalore - Coorg and Kabini. BLADE first entered the State in December 2020 with its private charter services (weekend product).

Travel from Bangalore to both Coorg and Kabini takes 6-7 hours by road, but by flight it takes just one hour. Flights from Bangalore will take off from Jakkur Aerodrome, from Evolve Back Resorts in Kabini and land at two locations in Coorg-Mercara Downs Golf Course and Evolve Back Resorts. The landing locations ensure holiday goers reduce their travel time and make their holiday as seamless and comfortable as possible.

BLADE's aim is to connect congested and inaccessible ground routes in India through an efficient air transport system. The fare per person one way between Bangalore to both the destinations is Rs 16,000. The service aims at providing an all-round holistic experience through its baggage and ground transfers and partner benefits.

Commenting on expansion of its services, Amit Dutta, MD, BLADE India said, "Karnataka boasts of some of the most beautiful destinations in the country, however their accessibility is a pain point. 6-7 hours of road travel from Bangalore eats into the precious time that travellers could otherwise spend enjoying their holiday. BLADE mitigates this pain with an hour's seamless experience. Our partnership with Evolve Back adds a further layer of customer delight. A seamless BLADE experience complementing an exotic travel destination, you could not ask for more"

BLADE's partnership with Evolve Back Resorts enables customers to book their flight and stay at once; land at the property directly in an hour and be more accessible.

"We are excited to partner with BLADE India as they offer Helicopter Transfers from Bangalore to our resorts in Coorg and Kabini. Helicopter Transfers are not new to us at Evolve Back.

However, A return journey (Bangalore – Coorg – Bangalore) would set you back by about Rs 4,60,000. Obviously, well out of reach of many of our guests. BLADE India's "Pay Per Seat" service is a game changer and something that is common at the high-end destinations like The Maldives and Africa. This is a huge boost for Luxury Travel in Karnataka and will transform our Leisure Tourism industry in the months to come," said Thomas Emmanuel Ramapuram, Director-Sales at Evolve Back Resorts.

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