A Ramzan delicacy that one just can't miss

A Ramzan delicacy that one just can

Khaja Pasha of Al-Aadaab Arabian Mandi Restaurant, KPHB, stresses that they serve special chicken and mutton Haleem and anyone can ask customer to vouch for its taste and authenticity.

Al-Aadaab Arabian Mandi Restaurant, KPHB

Khaja Pasha of Al-Aadaab Arabian Mandi Restaurant, KPHB, stresses that they serve special chicken and mutton Haleem and anyone can ask customer to vouch for its taste and authenticity. "We started serving haleem past couple of years. At first we were skeptical about how people would react but as days passed, people's reaction was positive and now we have made a name." Vijay, a customer, said, "I come for jogging in the nearby park and have Haleem here. I am a foodie and one haleem isn't enough."

Sitaram, another devotee of Haleem, says, "We have tasted haleem earlier also of Old City. But this is the first time we are tasting haleem here. We came from Uppal here to attend a family function while returning I saw this haleem centre and stopped by to taste some. It has the exact aroma and flavour like the haleem they serve in Old City – very tasty and healthy."

Hyderabadi Haleem Restaurant, Kukatpally

Madhu, a regular to the spot, speaks of the dish here thus: "I come here with my friends often. My office colleague had informed me about this restaurant. The moment I tasted it, I fell in love with it. I also recommend this place to several colleagues and friends." Mohd Akbar, the owner of the restaurant, said it was his father's idea to start making Haleem.

"It was 10 years ago and he saw the concept of haleem was getting famous. It was a time when people used to go all the way to Old City to taste haleem. After starting the restaurant, people stopped going there," he said. Varaprasad, a fan of the place says, "I came here to taste the haleem from Miyapur. We get haleem at our place too, but this place is addictive."

Sagar Restaurant, Kukatpally Y Junction

"This is our 10th year of serving haleem. Our specialty is mutton Irani Haleem. My father started this restaurant and now I look after it. We try to keep the taste very homely and authentic as well as make sure it is healthy. The customer response that we have got has been very heart-warming.

Everyone loves to come here to have haleem during Ramzan," says Mohsin Namakubi, the owner of Sagar Restaurant - Kukatpally Y Junction. When asked about this, Veerendra, a customer, testified: "I stay in KPHB and stop here every day while returning from office have haleem. I also take parcel for my family." Shekhar, another patron, said, "The haleem here is addictive. Whenever I happen to pass by, I need to stop over. It is just irresistible."

Grand Mandi Hotel, Kukatpally

"We serve both chicken and mutton haleem and strictly follow Irani culture. The hotel ambience too is like any Irani cafe. This concept was loved by our customers and they come here often to have biryani and Irani dishes.

Haleem though is a favourite with many." When Mohd Sumair, Grand Mandi Hotel, Kukatpally, said thus, many customers nodded in approval. Nandu who visits the place regularly says, "I love the ambience of the restaurant and the taste here is different. There is a twist of flavour that we can't get anywhere. I think this is what makes the haleem tastier and popular among the customers."

Raghavendra, another customer, says, " My friend brought me here for the first time to eat haleem. I stay in Secunderabad and came all the way. Earlier when I came here with my friend, I loved the hotel ambience very much and the haleem was even better. So this time I decided to bring my friends group to savour haleem here."

Royal Haleem Famous House, KPHB Colony

"Earlier during Eid and Ramzan we used to prepare haleem in our home and all our family used to eat. Later, I saw these famous haleem centres which were serving haleem and I thought why can't we start something similar. I started the restaurant but did not receive the response as expected. It took us a few weeks to get a good response for our haleem.

Now we are a famous name in serving haleem in KPHB," Mujeeb, the proprietor of Royal Haleem Famous House, KPHB Colony, says thus of their debut into making Haleem. Raju, a customer, says, "Haleem here has a different taste. The blend of masalas and meat is delicious and it is not at all heavy but easy to digest.

I eat haleem here twice a week during Ramzan because then we get to taste it next year only." Srinivas says, "I tasted haleem from many places in Hyderabad but the haleem here is different and tasty. I loved the blend of meat and pure ghee with roasted dry fruits and masalas – it just enhances the taste. One plate is not enough to satisfy your taste buds."

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