Hyderabad: Littering gets worse in Jalpally

Littering gets worse in Jalpally

Littering gets worse in Jalpally


  • Garbage dump in open has gone haywire as deterrence laws remain on paper
  • Trash found close to caution boards with CCTV cameras carrying a warning against littering the area

Jalpally: In the absence of implementation of deterrence laws against littering the area, disposal of garbage on roads, streets and open areas has gone haywire in Jalpally municipality despite caution boards with a warning of CCTV camera surveillance. Cocking a snook at the municipal authorities, the local shop owners and industries were found disposing trash on roads even close to the caution boards with CCTV cameras carrying a warning against littering the area. Spread over 30 sq.km with over one lakh population, the Jalpally municipality generates over 25 tons of garbage every day. Though measures have been taken to upgrade main roads in the densely populated municipality, nothing is evident when it comes to garbage management as garbage filled roads, streets and corners in the enclave greet people with unhygienic appearance.

While most of the habitations appeared unhygienic all the time, the historic Jalpally Lake too was not spared from the messy state where the whole embankment area encircles with heaps of garbage and hazardous nature of industrial waste. More pathetic is the situation of the popular Jalpally gate road that passes through the middle of the Jalpally Lake. The 2.5 km long stretch from Desi Dhaba to Jalpally gate was found filled with heaps of garbage all the time mainly dumped by the nearby industries. The avenue plantation alongside the road was defaced with scattered trash.

Surprisingly, the caution board erected close to the exit point at Jalpally gate, too was not spared from trash dumping even though it carries a warning that says "Don't Throw Garbage-Fine: Rs.1000. You are under Surveillance of CC Camera." The surrounding area of the caution board was found occupied with heaps of garbage despite surveillance and penalty warning.

"Apart from lettering on the stretch, the unmetalled road too was turned completely into rough passage due to potholes every few meters from starting point to end," rued Samad Bin Siddiq, Senior Congress leader of the Jalpally area.

"Several times the municipal authorities maintained that a proposal to upgrade the Jalpally Gate road was approved," he said adding that "No measures were taken yet to turn the 2.5 km interconnecting road into a seamless passage for the convenience of passengers."

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