Hyderabad: Social media abuzz as 'campaign' goes online

Social media abuzz as ‘campaign’ goes online

Social media abuzz as ‘campaign’ goes online


Online platforms new battleground for rival posts and sparring

Though the offline campaign is turned off, the online campaign in social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are flooded with numerous posts by supporters of political parties aimed at drawing voters to their side.

Youth were glued to their smartphones and tweeting about their favourites in the contest and trolling the rivals, highlighting their failures. TRS and BJP are waging a tug of war even in the social media, promoting their plus points and exposing the worst of their vails.

One Amit Malviya tweeted, "Remember what Akbaruddin Owaisi said... Vote for Congress or TRS means a vote for AIMIM! That is why people of Hyderabad have decided to choose wisely. They want a mayor of BJP and not one who is beholden to AIMIM. What happened in Dubbakka is going to repeat in Hyderabad! "

Though the ruling TRS is trying to influence the voters by listing its achievements and promises, smart netizens are poing at the unfulfilled promises of TRS regime by trolling the video colleagues of KCR comments on the employment now and then, in a bid to slam the governance of the first ruling party of the Telangana. Ravi Kumar Ramavath tweeted "Violence creater BJP, Religion depends BJP + MIM,Congress means Secular With #Vote for Congress #CongressForBetterHyderabad"

Social media users are trolling the trending updates of GHMC elections with videos going viral of distribution of bundles of money. Vamshi Reddy Nimma tweeted, "Dear Friends , It's time to exercise your Vote again. Please think before you vote. Development Or Divisiveness? Progress Or Communal? Game Changers or Name Changers? Gully Boys or Delhi Boys? Vaadha or Jhumla ? Vote Development and not to Hate mongers ! Vote for TRS!"

Interestingly, Individual surveys on the GHMC elections that who wins Hyderabad is also trending like never before. In the majority of the surveys, the currently ruling TRS has gained larger support from the audience participated in the online survey.

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