IITH continues to garner laurels, retains its place in Top 10 in NIRF-Engineering

IITH continues to garner laurels, retains its place in Top 10 in NIRF-Engineering

IITH continues to garner laurels, retains its place in Top 10 in NIRF-Engineering


  • Innovation: Rank #3 from #7* in 2021 (*ARIIA is now NIRF-Innovation)
  • Engineering: Rank #8 from #9 in 2022
  • Research: Rank#14 from #12 in 2022

Hyderabad: The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H), has once again secured its position in the top rankings of the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF)-2023. In the rankings released by the Union Ministry of Education, IIT-H maintained its overall ranking at 14. It has also maintained its position among the top 10 technical institutes in the country for the eighth consecutive year, ranking eight. Furthermore, IITH has emerged as the best among the second-generation IITs. In a remarkable achievement, it is now ranked third in NIRF-Innovation, formerly known as ARIIA- Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements.

Prof B S Murty, Director of IIT Hyderabad, expressed his delight at this accomplishment. He emphasized that IIT-H has become a distinguished brand, attracting highly talented students and faculty members who are dedicated to inventing and innovating in technology for the betterment of humanity. He acknowledged the unwavering commitment of the students, staff, faculty members, and alumni, which has contributed to this achievement.

He also expressed gratitude for the support and trust of the Ministry of Education in facilitating the growth of IITH. He believes that this milestone is just the beginning, and with the support of the energetic and enthusiastic team, IITH will continue to set new benchmarks in technology innovation.

Prof S Surya Kumar, Dean (Innovation, Translation & Startups) at IIT Hyderabad, expressed his thrill at IITH’s ranking of #3 in NIRF-Innovation.

He highlighted that at IITH, innovation is not limited to a specific activity but rather focuses on creating a comprehensive ecosystem that supports young entrepreneurs from the concept stage to market implementation.

This includes initiatives such as incubation programs, academic support, student cells, and technology transfer assistance. Prof Kumar hopes that these efforts will inspire more students to become entrepreneurs.

Dr Sai Santosh Kumar Raavi, Department of Physics and Convenor of NIRF at IITH, reflected on IITH's journey in the NIRF rankings. He mentioned that IITH is the only second-generation IIT consistently securing a place in the top 10 engineering institutes in the country. Even this year, IITH stands as one of the top three institutes in NIRF-Innovation. Dr Raavi attributed this success to the proactive implementation of best practices.

He highlighted that IITH’s performance on various parameters, including faculty-student ratio, faculty qualification, financial resource utilization, patents, and project impact, is comparable to or even higher than some of the older generation IITs. This demonstrates IITH’s sustained and gradual improvement in the NIRF rankings for 2023.

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