Minorities flay meagre allocations in Budget

Minorities flay meagre allocations in Budget

Minorities flay meagre allocations in Budget


A budget allocation of 1,602 crore for minorities termed ‘injustice’

Nampally: The Telangana State committee of Awaaz, which works for the welfare of minorities, has alleged that severe 'injustice' has been done to them in this year's budget by allocating only Rs.1,602 crore.

At a meeting here, the committee demanded the allocation to be increased to Rs.5,000 crore. It sought to justify the hike stating that the minorities, who constitute 15 per cent of the State population, were facing hardships on account of poverty and unemployment. It noted that Covid had impacted their avocation and trade, forcing them to starve for half a day.

The meeting criticised the State government for cutting the budget by Rs.400 crore in 2019-20, instead of raising it, in view of people's needs.

It noted that due to lack of funds in the State Minorities Finance Corporation, those who applied for loans in 2016-17 were yet to get sanctions. Similar was fate of the Urdu Academy, because of lack of funds. The meeting claimed that the Wakf Board survey has also been stopped for the same reason.

It said those who purchased autos and cars with private finance were struggling to re-pay loans due to lack of customers on account of Coronavirus. Hence, the meeting said, there was a need to raise the budget allocation. "The Budget needs to be revised by allocating Rs 5,000 crore," they said.

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