Tapping latent talent

Tapping latent talent
Tapping latent talent

Ravi Gupta, Mallika T and Varun Nambiar are all talented now, but did not have enough confidence to face any situation head-on.

Hyderabad: Ravi Gupta, Mallika T and Varun Nambiar are all talented now, but did not have enough confidence to face any situation head-on. But not any longer, thanks to Whooshh, which conducts events and provides a platform for students to bring out their innate talents and also gain self-confidence.

Started two years ago, Whooshh, the name inspired by the sound of the birds that fly high, is what Rahul Batra, its COO, says denotes the freedom that birds enjoy and the freewill to explore. He adds, "We always come across individuals who possess a lot of talent, but fail to channelise it. Whooshh helps students direct their energy in the right way so that they can be the best version of themselves and recognise their individuality at early steps."

The main objective of the organisation is to empower every student by assisting them in recognising their hidden potential. The team majorly aims at working in the semi-urban areas as they feel that these areas need more emphasis.

They have conducted various workshops in schools where they tried to inculcate skills and knowledge in the students. The various modules of learning cover such topics that the regular curriculums may not inculcate. Gender sensitisation, social responsibility and career guidance have been popular tools of learning amongst the students.

The organisation has also gone a step ahead of just imparting knowledge and skill, by instilling the gusto of having positive competition amongst the students. Hyderabad Inter School Competition (HISC) is a project taken up by the team with an aim to bring out the best of cultural and literary activities for the overall development of the students.

More than 30 schools have been part of HISC in the past year. After the success of this project in the urban area, Whooshh decided to conduct such an event in the semi-urban area of Gajwel, which again turned out to be the biggest student fest with a participation of over 400 students in Gajwel. The two phase inter-school competition was a huge success through which many students have benefited in tapping their self-confidence and potential.

The team which turned this idea into reality comprises all young minds, aged below 22. They aim at 'Tapping the potential' of the students and stand by the tagline of Whooshh. The success of the project has definitely been a milestone for them. They've made it a point to provide the best experience to the students at their early stage so that they can discover the best in themselves. Whooshh also provides internships for budding college students.

An army of over 100 interns have been a part of this project. "The organisation has strived to tap the truest potential of students, and I think there's nothing but the best that a student can explore through Whooshh," says Sanjana, an intern. Tropicana and Pepsi are the major sponsors for Whooshh.

The team tarted off on a workshop with 12 members. Today, two years on, it has a force of nearly 120 members. They aim at further increasing their impact in the backward districts of Telangana and wish to extend their work in the southern states in the coming years.

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