Telangana: Diesel cess on bus passes

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Fares up by nearly 150%

Hyderabad: With the decision of TSRTC to levy diesel cess on passengers, the bus commuters will have to burn a bigger hole in their pockets. Not only the common passengers, but also those who buy passes have to bear the additional burden from now. In the name of revision of fares and cess, the TSRTC had so far increased ticket prices thrice since March.

The corporation implemented the diesel cess in slabs of Rs 5 and above depending on the distance travelled by passengers in all types of services. The TSRTC has now expanded its purview and started levying cess on student bus pass fares.

The general bus pass for a student was Rs 165 but with the new cess, the cost has gone up to Rs 400. Sanjay Kumar, a student, said the TSRTC has been increasing fares since March. The increase in bus pass rates has come as a bolt from the blue.

It is almost double now. With educational institutes set to reopen, the financial burden on students would be more, he added. The TSRTC said the monthly route pass for the high school and college going students was Rs 115 up to 5 kms. This has been hiked to Rs 150. Up to 35 kms, it was Rs 335, but now it would cost them Rs 550.

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