Bhadrachalam: What happened to your promises?

Bhadrachalam: What happened to your promises?

Bhadradri people express disappointment over unfulfilled promises of KCR

The government neglected the temple town during the past ten years

♦ It showed no interest in regaining the five panchayats merged with AP

♦ In the last ten years, the government has not spent a single penny on development on the temple town

♦ It did not care to provide funds promised to flood victims

♦ Nor fulfilled the promise of providing funds for development of Rama temple

Bhadrachalam: It has been ten years since the foundation of the new Telangana state. The administration intends to celebrate “Dashabdi Utsavalu” in great style beginning on June 2. However, the residents of Temple Town Bhadrachalam and the adjacent villages of Bhadrachalam are not interested in taking part in the celebrations.

The people of Bhadrachalam and the agency looked for enormous development under the new State. However, it did not happen even after ten years. On the one hand, the residents of the temple town are suffering because there is no dumping facility in the town. Many times, the people pleaded with officers, but they could not find a place to establish a unit.

The people directly confronted the government......Where are the funding for the development of the Bhadrachalam temple? They inquire as to why there was no temple development under the Telangana government. The government did not contribute a single penny to the temple’s development despite having promised 100 crore.

On the other hand, CM KCR announced 1,000 crore funding for flood assistance, which was announced in July of last year but has yet to be fulfilled.

Not only that, the government is taking no interest in the getting back the five Panchyats that have been merged into Andhra Pradesh. It was negotiated unsuccessfully with the Central Government and the AP government over the panchyats of Yetpaka, Purushothapatnam, Gundala, Kannayagudem, and Pichukulapadu.

T V Ramana Rao, a senior citizen of Bhadrachlaam, speaking to The Hans India, claimed that the government has been ignoring Bhadrachalam and Bhadrachalam ageny for the past ten years. So far no money has been given by the government for various development projects, he pointed out. He questioned the administration for failing to build up a dumping yard for the temple town residents.

He inquired as to the whereabouts of the temple development and flood relief monies announced by CM KCR. People in the Bhadrachalam have not been happy in the last ten years, he noted. He requested that the authorities protect Lord Rama’s 900 acres of land. He requested that the government sanction the funds promised by CM KCR.

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