Nalgonda: Congress must target 14-15 seats in State says N Uttam Kumar Reddy

Nalgonda: Congress must target 14-15 seats in State says N Uttam Kumar Reddy

Majority needed to help form Congress government at Centre

Nalgonda : Civil Supplies and Irrigation Minister Capt N Uttam Kumar Reddy asserted the State Congress’s pivotal role in the formation of the next Congress-led government at the Centre, aiming for 14-15 Lok Sabha seats in the upcoming elections.

During the campaign rally supporting Congress candidate K Raghuveer Reddy from Nalgonda on Saturday, Uttam expressed confidence in a pro-Congress wave sweeping across Telangana, predicting a substantial victory of 14-15 seats. He anticipated the retention of Nalgonda with the highest majority nationwide.

The Minister lambasted the ruling BRS and BJP, accusing them of betraying Telangana’s interests during their tenure. He criticised the unfulfilled promises of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act by the Modi-led government and alleged financial mismanagement under the BRS regime, pushing Telangana into a debt crisis.

Moreover, he highlighted Congress’s accomplishments within 100 days of assuming power, especially pointing out that five out of six guarantees were fulfilled. He promised the swift implementation of remaining pledges post the Model Code of Conduct lift. He also referenced Rahul Gandhi’s unveiling of the ‘Nyay Patra’ manifesto, focusing on ‘Paanch Nyay’ for youth, women, farmers, laborers, and social equity.

Accussing the BJP of deceptive job promises, Uttam contrasted Congress’s manifesto, pledging nearly 30 lakh job openings in the Central Government, benefiting Telangana’s youth.

Moreover, he praised Congress’s healthcare initiatives in Telangana, promising enhanced national healthcare upon victory. He advocated for educational reforms, including free education up to class XII and raised minimum wages.

Reddy underscored Congress’s commitment to farmers, ensuring Minimum Support Price (MSP) guarantees aligned with the Swaminathan Commission recommendations. He also proposed a nationwide socio-economic and caste census for equitable resource distribution.

Encouraging voters to evaluate past governance, Reddy positioned Congress as the party focused on people’s welfare, contrasting it with BJP and BRS’s tenures. He urged citizens to discern the party genuinely striving for public interests.

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