SSD tokens from November 1 onwards

AV Dharma Reddy

TTD Executive Officer AV Dharma Reddy


  • Change in vip break timings from december 1
  • TTD to commence both on trial basis-ttd EO

TIRUMALA: TTD will resume the issuance of SSD tokens from November 1 onwards and change in VIP Break Darshan timings from December 1 onwards on a trial-basis, said TTD EO AV Dharma Reddy.

During media conference held at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala on Friday, the EO said, TTD has stopped Slotted Sarva Darshan (SSD) tokens issuing system in Tirupati on April 12 early this year. However TTD Trust Board in its last meeting resolved to restore issuance of SSD tokens for the convenience of the pilgrims. The SSD tokens will be issued to devotees on day to day basis till the daily quota gets exhausted.

He said the tokens will be issued at Bhudevi Complex, Srinivasam and II NC in Tirupati. The counters with all facilities have been set up.

"On Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays 20 thousands to 25 thousand tokens will be issued while on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only 15 thousand tokens will be allotted. Based on the existing pilgrim situation for the day, the discretion of increasing and decreasing the quota depends. If the SSD tokens quota exhausts for the day, the devotees can go to Vaikuntham Queue Complex 2 and wait in the compartments till their turn for Darshan", EO maintained.

The EO also said, to reduce the waiting hours for common pilgrims, the Board has decided to change the VIP Darshan timings from early hours to 8am from December 1 onwards on a trial-basis. This would benefit darshan facility to more common pilgrims and also likely to reduce pressure on accommodation.

The SRIVANI ticket holders both in online and offline will be provided accommodation at Madhavam rest house in Tirupati", he added.

Reception DyEO Harindranath, temple Peishkar Srihari were also present.

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