Coronavirus Re-infection symptoms make people jittery

Coronavirus Re-infection symptoms

Dr P Krishna Prasanthi


  • Coronavirus Re-infection symptoms: While some having symptoms test negative after get cured while others without any symptoms test positive
  • Doctors describe it as long Covid and chronic Covid
  • High sugar levels are being found in cured patients

Tirupati: The fears on the recurring symptoms of coronavirus have been increasing gradually with some people continuing to experience such symptoms even after one or two months of being infected by the deadly virus. Doctors have been saying they were getting such cases in the recent times.

While some patients have been complaining they are not feeling so comfortable with discomfort in the throat or feverish sensation though they test negative after getting cured from the virus some others are having no symptoms but they are tested positive again.

These issues were being discussed in the doctors' forums regularly, who are of the view that these can be described as long Covid and chronic Covid. Explaining these to The Hans India, senior physician and who is actively involved in various Covid awareness programmes, Dr P Krishna Prasanthi said that normally it was assumed that Covid infection will be cured in two weeks and patients can recover.

But, in some people, the illness extends up to three weeks which is called a second infection. In fact, the first infection is extending up to three weeks in long Covid cases due to which the patients were getting worried.

Re-infection was also being found in 2-3 per cent of cases now and in Tirupati itself 2-3 cases are found on record who were tested positive again though they do not have any symptoms. This might be due to the presence of dead cells. As both sets of people were being there, it is important to monitor each case carefully considering all factors.

She further added the sugar levels in some patients were in the range of 200-300 who are saying that they were Covid infected and cured. It is because of the fact that Covid itself is hitting the beta cells of the pancreas and causing diabetes. Secondly, due to intake of steroids sugar levels are increasing. This is the new wave being observed for the past few days.

"Any patient who had a history of Covid infection should be under observation very stringently and have to be taken care of for another 3-6 months. That should be the motto of any primary care physician or specialist irrespective of their specialities," she underlined. The concept of recurrence of symptoms could be understood that the first illness continuing or recurrence of disease. As a precaution, wearing of masks and strict isolation of patients is necessary, she advised.

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