Vooka Vijaya Kumar emerges frontrunner for TDP ticket in Tirupati

Vooka Vijaya Kumar emerges frontrunner for TDP ticket in Tirupati

  • 1. Reportedly gets more responses in the IVRS survey conducted by the party earlier
  • 2. His significant role in Balija Abhyudaya Seva Sangham made him popular in social activities
  • 3. Vijaya Kumar maintaining close rapport with Jana Sena cadres also

Tirupati : Following the initial release of the TDP candidate list, the absence of the Tirupati candidacy prompted speculation, but now, clarity is beginning to surface regarding potential contenders. Among the hopefuls within the TDP vying for the party ticket, the name of former MLA and current party constituency in-charge M Sugunamma prominently stands out. However, recent indications suggest that another leader, Vooka Vijaya Kumar, may be poised to seize the opportunity to contest the Assembly elections for the first time.

Significantly, an IVRS survey conducted by the party featuring four names revealed Vijaya Kumar garnering a majority of responses, indicating his growing popularity among the electorate. Despite this, there lingered a prevailing sentiment within party circles favoring Sugunamma for the ticket. How ever, recent indications suggest a shift in this dynamic, with Vijaya Kumar potentially receiving the party central leadership's endorsement.

It is evident that the party is inclined towards selecting a candidate from the Balija community, which holds significant sway in the temple city. With the YSRCP opting to field a leader from the Reddy community, there's anticipation that Balija and Kamma voters will rally behind the TDP candidate from Balija community. Although both Sugunamma and Vijaya Kumar hail from the Balija community, the scales seem to be tipping in favor of the latter.

Moreover, the TDP has confirmed its intention to contest the Tirupati Assembly seat, firmly asserting its stance despite having alliance with Jana Sena party. Even in the event of an alliance with the BJP, sources indicate no deviation from this strategy. Vijaya Kumar's amicable relations with Jana Sena cadres and active participation in their events further strengthen his candidacy, ensuring support from allied party members as well.

He made his political debut under the Praja Rajyam banner when film star turned politician Chiranjeevi floated the party. His close association with Chiranjeevi during that time and active involvement in party affairs showcased his dedication in politics. Following the merger of Praja Rajyam into the Congress party, Vijaya Kumar transitioned to the TDP, where he has been a proactive member ever since. Additionally, his significant role within the Balija Abhyudaya Seva Sangham (BASS) underscores his community leadership.

Party insiders view Vijaya Kumar as a promising candidate poised to challenge the ruling party in the upcoming crucial battle for Tirupati. His grassroots connections and community support position him as a formidable contender capable of steering the party to victory and going by the present indications, the formal announcement of his name is a certainty.

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