Are ktr's remarks on AP roads justified?

K T Rama Rao

TRS Working President K T Rama Rao


Roads in many parts of Vijayawada city and Jakkampudi village are in deplorable condition. Roads in Hanuman Pet, Beasant Road, Governorpet, Suryaraopet and other busy commercial areas are fully damaged. Commuters are facing hardships to ride the bikes. Moreover accidents are also taking place due to craters.

Roads in many parts of Vijayawada city and Jakkampudi village are in deplorable condition. Roads in Hanuman Pet, Beasant Road, Governorpet, Suryaraopet and other busy commercial areas are fully damaged. Commuters are facing hardships to ride the bikes. Moreover accidents are also taking place due to craters.

Main roads at Governorpet were laid many years ago. The government must take action and take measures to form the roads. Jakkampudi village is no exemption. Almost all roads in the village are in bad condition.

- G Saibabu, Vijayawada

Due to the more potholes on roads in the city, the auto-rickshaws are getting damaged and tyres are getting subjected to wear and tear after a a short life and vehicles are going for repair frequently. More than half of my earnings are going for repair works. All most all the roads are damaged badly except some through which VIPs visit Tirumala.

- N Rambabu, auto driver, Ramanuja Palli Circle, Tirupati

As a part of my line of work, I am bound to travel to various districts across the State at frequent intervals. Although the national highway is comparatively better in several stretches, the rest of the roads in city limits are in a bad condition.

Apart from the spinal complaint that one has to put up with, the present road condition also affects the condition of the vehicles. Even though patchworks are done at many places, they were not done in an appropriate manner.

- Chinni Raja, employee in a private company, Visakhapatnam

Be it any colony, it is hard to find roads sans potholes. The situation was not this bad earlier. Apparently, people like us who step out of home to office for night shifts, the bumpy ride is sure to give a nightmare. It is during night times that many commuters meet with minor accidents as their journey turns out to be risky.

- M Kranthi Kiran, a software employee, Visakhapatnam

It is very difficult going on bike along with family as almost all roads are full of potholes and at some places trenches were dug for laying underground cables and they were not closed properly.

I have to travel more than 100 km per day as part of my cable work and due to the bad condition of roads I am getting tired in no time and suffering from body pains just after covering 50 km.

- T Mahesh, Dish cable operator, Upparapalli

I regret that no steps have been taken by the Chittoor Municipal Corporation for laying a cement road at Kameswari Nagar, Vivekananda lane and other places where the pedestrians cannot walk even during the day time.

Likewise, the roads in Kumar Nagar and Lawyers Colony are also in bad shape in Chittoor city. Except the Gandhi Statue road, all the roads in the city are yet to be developed.

- D Srihari, bank manager (retd.), SBI Colony, Chittoor

People are facing lot of hardships due to bad condition of the State highways and roads in Guntur district and Guntur city. Due to potholes on the roads, drivers are moving slowly resulting in waste of time and fuel.

Potholes on the roads are causing road accidents. Two-wheelers are getting damaged due to the bad roads. The State government should take steps to develop state highways and other roads immediately and there is a need to fill the potholes on the roads immediately. Only a few roads in Guntur city were developed.

- Dr T Seva Kumar, Guntur city

The roads are in a bad shape in Kadapa city. The 15-ft main road located at CSI School, in the heart of the city turned horrible as it is full of pits and ups and downs. Even though pits were covered temporarily, the roads lose shape in no time. There are three hospitals located in the same area and ambulances move once in every 15 to 20 minutes but the municipal administration is least bothered to improve the road condition despite receiving several representations. Another road Chirstian lane located near District Police Office (DPO), the roa used by VIPs and leads to the Collectorate and SP bungalow is full of patches.

- Janamaddi Vijaya Baskar, social activist, Kadapa

Almost all roads in Kakinada, Konaseema and East Godavari districts are in a horrible condition making it difficult for the usual regular traffic. Many roads have turned into perilous areas for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

For example Draksharamam to Yeerapotavram road in Konaseema district and Kakinada ADB road are in a bad state. The poor condition of roads causes inconvenience to commuters and on the other, it becomes a cause for many accidents.

A high powered committee should be formed at the district level to oversee the improvement of the roads. The officials concerned should be fined if the roads are poorly maintained and the penal amount should be deducted from their salary. The district officials should inspect the roads in the district on a daily basis and pursue repair of bad roads at the earliest. The authorities concerned should also set up speed-breakers on roads wherever they feel essential to avoid accidents. - B Bhaskara Sharma, medical representative, Kakinada

The condition of many roads laid during the TDP regime has gone worst after three years. Some were laid maintaining poor quality and others were left abruptly due to elections in 2019.

Now, they are giving nightmarish experiences to commuters. YSR Congress government hasn't taken any measures to improve them. The State government is not laying any new roads currently and it is not even completing patch works to some of the roads as assured earlier.

- AVS Phani Kumar, mathematics lecturer, Krishna Chaitanya College, Nellore

The roads in the city are good and I don't find any trouble for commuters. Even though new roads were not laid by the present government, old roads are fulfilling the need. Some internal and connecting roads may be having problems, and on the whole, there is no problem.

- I Venkata Rao, retired Manager, Indian Bank, Nellore

Almost all main roads in the Ongole town are commutable and comfortable. If the administration is able to perform the repairs to the small potholes on the remaining roads, we could have the best roads in the town.

- Puvvada Yanadi Setty, secretary, Retail Merchants Association, Ongole

A number of roads in the town were laid three or four years ago, the others were constructed a decade ago. The government should take up the repairs and cover the potholes with quality material.

- Veluri Lakshmi Prasad, a merchant, Ongole

Condition of roads in rural areas is pretty bad in Kotabommali, Santhabommali, Polaki and Narasannapeta mandals. Narasannapeta to Vedullavalasa road was damaged at several places and vehicle drivers are facing difficulty to drive vehicles and also to ride bikes during nights.

Main road between Srikakulam and Amudalavalasa was also damaged and potholes appeared at Chintada and Nandagiripeta villages where accidents occur regularly.

During last year rainy season the then deputy Chief Minister Dharmana Krishna Das announced that after rainy season all roads will be repaired, but no road was cleared so far in the district.

- R Kalyana Sagar, trader, Kotabommali, Srikakulam

All the roads leading to main villages in Kaviti, Sompeta, Kanchili and Itchapuram mandals are narrow and driving vehicles and riding bikes is difficult on these roads. Due to cyclones and rains so many roads were affected and potholes appeared on the roads leading to Donkuru in Itchapuram mandal, Erramukkam, Baruva in Sompeta mandal. Baruva and Sompeta road was also damaged.

Roads leading to Kojjiria junction in Kanchili mandal were also affected due to rains and repairs are yet to begin. In these four mandals several roads connecting the national highway (NH-16) are also in bad state. Roads have potholes and they were damaged on edges. There are no warning boards at sharp curves.

- B Durga Prasad, private employee, Kaviti, Srikakulam

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