Vijayawada: Falling vegetable prices bring relief

Consumers buying vegetables in Vijayawada on Sunday

Consumers buying vegetables in Vijayawada on Sunday


  • New crop of vegetables is flooding the Rythu Bazaars in the city bringing down the prices of the vegetables which were sold at higher prices few days ago
  • Consumers suffered hardships for 3 months due to skyrocketing prices of veggies due to heavy rains, crop damage
  • Vegetable prices may further come down, according to officials

Vijayawada: Finally, there is some consolation to the common people as the prices of vegetables are gradually coming down for the past one week due to the arrival of new crop in the State. Due to heavy rains for nearly three months, the prices of vegetables were skyrocketed and consumers faced many hardships till the end of October in Vijayawada.

However, now farmers are joyfully coming to the markets to sell their produce. Almost all vegetables were sold at more than Rs 40 per kg in the last two weeks of October due to crop damage caused by heavy rains. Now, the scenario is changing.The following are the prices of some vegetables in Rythu Bazaars in Vijayawada on Sunday.

Tomato is sold at Rs24 a kg while adyfinger Rs 22, bitter guard Rs 30, ridge guard Rs 24, cabbage Rs30, gherkins (Donda) Rs14, potato Rs 40, cucumber Rs14, bottle guard Rs10. Kurnool onions are sold at Rs50 and Maharashtra variety at Rs60 per kg. Tomatoes produced in Krishna and Guntur districts are coming to Rythu Bazaars and other markets in Vijayawada for the past few days. So, the prices of tomatoes will come down further. Till recently, tomatoes were imported from Chittoor district and Bengaluru. Tomatoes were sold at Rs 36 per kg in October. Brinjal prices decreased to Rs 30 per kg on Sunday from Rs 45 in the last week of October. Cucumber was sold at Rs22 a kg last month and now sold at Rs14 only. Gherkins (Donda), which is cultivated in Krishna and Guntur districts was sold at Rs 38 per kg in October. Now, it is sold at Rs14 only. Bitter guard was sold at Rs 40 in October and now sold at Rs 30. Carrot is sold at Rs 48 against the Rs 74 per kg in October. Ladyfinger was sold atRs32 to Rs36 per kg last month and is sold at Rs22.

The prices of leafy vegetables are also coming down gradually giving some relief to the common people. But the quality of the potato available in the city is poor and most consumers are reluctant to buy them. Mostly damaged potatoes are arrived from Agra and other places. Onions are imported from Maharashtra and Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Ajit Singh Nagar Rytu Bazar officer M S Sastry said the prices of tomatoes may fall further as the local crop is coming. The Marketing department is selling onions at Rythu Bazaars at Rs 50 and Rs 60 respectively.

Horticulture Joint Director P Hanumantha Rao said the prices of vegetables may come down further as the impact of heavy rains is gradually vanishing.

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