Vijayawada: Only stage drama focuses on social issues

Only stage drama focuses on social issues

Only stage drama focuses on social issues


Drama should be just like a mirror and it will reflect the positive and negative shades of society

Vijayawada: "Drama should be just like a mirror and it will reflect the positive and negative shades of society. During yesteryears, almost all the drama writers like Gurajada, Kallakuri Narayana Rao, Unnava, Boyi Bheemanna, Atreya, Yendamuri, CS Rao, Sanjeevi, Palagummi, Gollapudi, NR Nandi, Ganesh Patro, Ravi Sastry highlighted the social problems prevailing in society in their writings.

The plays like Maa Bhoomi, Paleru, Malapalli, Kanyasulkam, Varavikrayam, Chintamani, Madhuseva, Kalapurnodayam, NGO, Kodukuputtala, Kukka, Rudraveena, Rangoon Rowdi, Raktakanneeru touched the social problems like dowry system, drinking, prostitution, caste, haves and have-nots, bonded labour system," says Bhaskar Chandra.

He also says that not only drama but also the other visual mediums like Burrakatha, street plays, Yakshagana and also stories pointed out issues of society. The drama had played a vital role in the freedom struggle time.

Bhaskara Chandra opines that all these mediums including drama have become commercialised and revolving in a comfortable circle to get benefits like awards and rewards. He felt that the main object of the drama has been diluted in these circumstances. He also confirms that still some of the productions houses are focusing on the problems in society in their dramas.

"The powerful media 'movie' has become pure commercial and giving only entertainment. Even TV shows have left the fundamental issues. It is necessary to have censor certificate for TV serials and also shows as vulgar dialogues, lady villains, crude comedy are seeping into the shows.

But drama is also carrying a black spot due to perished culture. However, drama has not left the fundamental principles and showing at least a ray of social awareness. The writers and producers of the drama should go into the deep and present issues on the dais. There are some sensitive issues, which could be dealt with a sophisticated manner to highlight the problem to the public" said Bhaskara Chandra. While concluding, Bhaskara Chandra says that drama is for society and hence the public only should protect and promote this live art forum.

Noted writer, director and actor Akurathi Bhaskar Chandra urges the people to protect and promote this live art forum. Everyone thinks that drama is an entertainment medium.But the main objective of drama is to create social awareness in the minds of the people as this is one of the powerful mass media. Theatre has the capacity to change society in different ways.

Drama should focus on the issue at a grassroots level to discuss the social problem in its presentation to the audience, duly engaging them with emotion, powerful dialogue and of course with entertainment. Without these elements, there will be no impact and also the purpose will become waste.

The purpose of drama is successful only if the drama manages to influence the audience by making them think or to have a discussion on subject.

Now, one section of critics is expressing view that the present drama is confined to a frame to attract the jury of the Parishads with a motto to achieve awards and rewards, while the other section of the critics is of the opinion that though the drama is in the clutches of Parishads, some writers are exposing the social problems too. 'The Hans India' interacted with the theatre personalities to share their views on this subject beginning with Akurathi Bhaskar Chandra, a noted writer, director and actor.

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