Green leafy veggies, protein powder helped this cop to snuff out Covid

Pinagadi Pothuraju

Pinagadi Pothuraju


  • One should get hospitalised based on the requirement and certainly, not out of fear
  • The protein powder I took with milk was made of sunflower seeds, almonds and cashew nuts. This apart, my platter was often filled with watermelon, apple and papaya, Covid survivor says

Visakhapatnam: Steaming, sticking to a vegetarian diet and following health tips shared by the famous Manthena Satyanarayana Raju came in handy for Pinagadi Pothuraju, who concluded his isolation period on May 20 and joined duty on the same day.

Working as a Head Constable at Visakhapatnam Airport police station, Pothuraju refrained from attending his duty the day his temperature shot up. "I thought the fever was due to the sultry weather and gulped down Dolo-650 tablet. But when the fever was followed by cough, cold and body pains, I got myself tested for Covid-19. Eventually, the result came out to be positive," says the 46-year-old cop.

Like many others, his first reaction towards the infection was 'fear'. "It was the same fear factor that drove me to get admitted into Sraddha Hospital for the treatment. Since I am a diabetic, I have all the more reasons to feel scared of the virus. But as long as I was away from my family and in the hospital, a sense of anxiety gripped me. My oxygen level dropped," he explains.

Luckily, Pothuraju's serious condition did not last longer and he was discharged from the hospital after two days of treatment. "I felt at ease after coming home. My wife P. Mahalakshmi strained every nerve to serve me piping hot meals and take good care of me throughout my isolation period. While my children stayed away from me in another room, my wife did not think twice to reach out to me even when I warned her about the possible risk," says Pothuraju. According to him, one should get hospitalised based on the requirement and certainly, not out of fear.

As non-vegetarian meals did not appeal to him, the cop confined to a lot of green leafy vegetables, hot water, dry fruits, and protein-laced powder recommended by Manthena Satyanarayana Raju. "The powder was made of sunflower seeds, almonds and cashew nuts. I used to consume it with milk. This apart, my platter is often filled with watermelon, apple and papaya," elaborates the Head Constable.

Further, he says that CI Ch. Umakanth extended support to him and lifted his spirits when he was in isolation. "He used to tell me to focus on my immune system and practice yoga asanas," says the cop.

Along with the medication, Pothuraju says that the WhatsApp group he joined helped him a great deal to overcome stress and anxiety. "City Police Commissioner Manish Kumar Sinha has created a group exclusively for the cops who tested positive for Covid-19. Through the platform, we used to have Zoom conferences, get our doubts clarified and also seek help," he adds.

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