Assassination Of Haryana Political Leader: Key Details And Response

Assassination Of Haryana Political Leader: Key Details And Response

  • 1. Discover the details surrounding the tragic assassination of Nafe Singh Rathee, a prominent political figure in Haryana.
  • 2. Explore the CCTV evidence, suspects, and political reactions, including the vow for justice by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

During the ongoing police investigation, a crucial piece of evidence has surfaced in the form of CCTV footage. This footage captures the movements of the assailants driving a Hyundai i10 vehicle just moments before they carried out the attack on Nafe Singh Rathee's SUV, spraying it with bullets. Nafe Singh Rathee, who served as the Haryana unit president of the Indian National Lok Dal and was a former MLA, along with a party worker, tragically lost their lives when the assailants opened fire on their vehicle in Bahadurgarh, located near Delhi, on Sunday.

Authorities, although yet to uncover solid leads, are diligently reviewing CCTV footage from the vicinity to ascertain the identity and whereabouts of the assailant's vehicle. The visuals from the footage depict the four suspects traveling in the car at a distance from the site of the attack.

In response to this heinous crime, an FIR has been filed against four individuals, which includes former MLA Naresh Kaushik, Ramesh Rathee, Sathish Rathee, and Rahul. The attack took place while Rathee, aged 67, and his companions were inside an SUV, subjected to multiple rounds of gunfire before the attackers fled the scene. Regrettably, Rathee succumbed to his injuries, while three security personnel hired privately sustained injuries during the assault.

This incident, occurring just weeks before the Lok Sabha elections, has sparked strong reactions from opposition parties, accusing the ruling BJP government of failing to maintain law and order in the state of Haryana.

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has pledged that every individual involved in this reprehensible act will face justice. He has directed the police to expedite the arrest of the accused and ensure that the strictest measures are taken against them.

In a statement, Jitendra Rathee, the son of the deceased leader, asserted that his family would not perform the final rites of his father until all the accused named in the FIR are apprehended, emphasizing the need for security for the family.

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