Congress Challenges PM Modi's Allegations: Calls Out "Falsehoods" Amidst Electoral Rhetoric

Congress Challenges PM Modis Allegations: Calls Out Falsehoods Amidst Electoral Rhetoric

  • The Congress confronts Prime Minister Narendra Modi's claims, challenging him to substantiate allegations of wealth redistribution in the party's manifesto.
  • Amidst electoral dynamics, Congress emphasizes its focus on pressing issues like unemployment and inflation, rejecting BJP's narrative.

On Thursday, the Congress accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of disseminating falsehoods to divert attention from crucial issues in the Lok Sabha elections, challenging him to pinpoint where in the party's manifesto the concept of "redistribution of wealth" is articulated.

Jairam Ramesh, a general secretary of the Congress, asserted that PM Modi embodies deceit.

Speaking at a press briefing at the AICC headquarters in New Delhi, Ramesh affirmed that the Congress refuses to engage in the narrative orchestrated by the BJP but rather intends to focus on issues such as unemployment and inflation.

Ramesh cited trends from the initial phase of the Lok Sabha polls, suggesting that the BJP has suffered significant setbacks in certain states, with diminishing seat counts compared to the 2019 polls.

"He (PM Modi) is attempting to shift the discourse elsewhere. Initially, he attempted to portray a communal hue to our manifesto and then addressed topics absent from the 'Nyay Patra'. This is propaganda founded on falsehoods," remarked Ramesh.

The prime minister is giving undue attention to our manifesto, albeit misrepresenting its contents, he added.

Ramesh elucidated that the Nyay Patra is derived from feedback obtained during the Bharat Jodo Yatra and the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra.

"It is evident that under Prime Minister Modi's policies, unemployment has surged, inflation remains unchecked, and economic disparities have widened," he asserted.

The Congress, he emphasized, will contest the Lok Sabha elections championing causes such as justice for women, youth empowerment, farmer welfare, labor rights, and equitable participation.

He stated that the agenda is constructive. They aim to contest the elections on the basis of people-centric issues such as unemployment, inflation, safeguarding the Constitution and institutions.

Ramesh asserted that Modi has refrained from reiterating slogans like '400 paar' (crossing 400 seats) and 'Modi Ki Guarantee' (Modi's guarantee) and has resorted to polarizing rhetoric.

Polarization has always been his modus operandi, but he is now employing polarizing language more openly to deflect attention. He is merely attempting to tarnish the Congress' Nyay Patra,Ramesh remarked.

He reaffirmed that there is no provision for an inheritance tax in the Congress manifesto and it does not form part of the party's agenda.

Rajiv Gandhi had abolished it in 1985. However, BJP leaders such as Arun Jaitley and Jayant Sinha advocated in favor of an inheritance tax. The individual claiming that we will introduce an inheritance tax is mistaken; it is, in fact, the BJP's agenda, Ramesh remarked.

Responding to Modi's claims that the Congress plans to redistribute wealth if elected, Ramesh challenged him to identify where wealth redistribution is outlined in the manifesto. He also criticized Modi for not acknowledging the proliferation of billionaires under his leadership and advocated for inclusive economic development.

Ramesh also called upon Modi to clarify his stance on the caste census issue. These comments from Ramesh came after Prime Minister Modi capitalized on remarks made by Congress leader Sam Pitroda regarding inheritance tax to escalate the BJP's offensive on the subject of "wealth redistribution."

Following Pitroda's comments, the Congress distanced itself from the statements made by the president of its overseas wing based in the US, asserting that it has no intention to introduce such a tax.

Amidst the BJP's accusations that the Congress aims to redistribute wealth and introduce an inheritance tax if elected, the Congress has consistently maintained that its manifesto does not advocate for "redistribution" and instead advocates for a socio-economic caste census.

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