JEE, NEET 2020: Limited Accessibility for JEE and NEET Applicants

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Around 25 lakh students will appear for JEE and NEET. Mere postponement won't harm the administration when compared to the risk of lives

Every year, lakhs of students appear for JEE, NEET entrance exams to become doctors and engineers. JEE and NEET are known to be one of the toughest exams in the world, India has provided the best CEOs and doctors like Sundar Pichai and Dr. Panangipalli Venugopal Padma Bhushan awardee. The aspirants work hards to 'appear' in these exams. So, they can secure a seat for their admission to pursue their education.

Globally, these exams controversy is gaining attention and trying to make it a political issue because the Indian government has decided to conduct them during the peak time of Covid-19 pandemic. At this time government needs to act as a parent body to concerns about career and health at the same time. No parent would risk their children lives to take any exam.

Mere postponement won't harm the administration when compared to the risk of lives. Around 25 lakh students will appear for JEE and NEET. If a mass of students appears for the exams, it will undoubtedly increase the risk of spreading coronavirus cases, as recent data shows.

Not only is the health of students risked but their families as well. India is at the third position with confirmed cases of coronavirus. These are the reasonable grounds to be considered for students before taking this exam. Who would be responsible for being absent from that exam? Can students be blamed or pay the cost for giving priority to their life over their dreams?

The government did not give them a free choice to take this exam; instead, they are forced to take these exams where everyone lives in different situations. There are many issues faced by candidates other than the prevailing pandemic of coronavirus like floods in Bihar, Heavy rainfall in Gujarat.

Why is the government conducting exams during these times? What is the rush? For what reason isn't possible after at some point when the administration sets itself up additional with foundation and transportation for all? Why can't scholastic year move to a couple of months? We, as a whole, are living with these sensible unanswered inquiries. The exams are being directed for an enormous number of students. They need to come out and accumulate at focuses to take the tests. Concerned students, guardians, and CM's of different states asked the legislature to delay the test by referencing objective worries until we as a whole plan for the equivalent. We are living in a difficult circumstance where India has recorded more than 77000 coronavirus cases over the most recent 24 hours, and this passage would impel students into that.

There are only a few examination centres increased as compared to normal time. The conceivability of students being exposed to the virus can be unwholesome. In addition to pandemic prevailing all over India, there are practical hurdles for the public at large, which can only be operated by the government.

Lack of transport facility

The lockdown is opening in phases in India, but the government has yet to resume transport facilities as we have not reached the stage to extend public transport for people. Most public travel is via Indian railways, but it is not fully functional, and buses can only carry a few passengers. The government has stopped its operation for fear of community spread, but these students require a safe journey to reach their centres.

In the capital of India, Delhi, the Delhi metro does not work. In which, every day, around 9 lakh people used to travel. Locals are not offered any alternative other than travelling in private vehicles. Limited public transportation for trips between states and within the state to get to their centres will be arduous and unsafe. In Uttar Pradesh, where around 2 lakh students will take JEE exams, there are only 66 centres. The total number of centres in UP is less than the total number of Lok-Sabha seats in UP, indicating that some places may not have centres and if students need transportation, how will they do it?

Need more examination centres and barriers to natural disasters.

Consider living with COVID as a new norm, but that won't be possible with old infrastructure and facilities. We need secure arrangements for upcoming events. If a minimum distance of 6 feet is required, space would be reduced to one third ... "," description ":" In Indian homes, most children live with the dream of becoming engineers or ... ",

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