Ratan Tata seeks permanent home for abandoned dog

Ratan Tata seeks permanent home for abandoned dog

The former Tata Sons chairman took to his social media account on Instagram and asked for people who could adopt a recently abandoned dog.

Social media can give us a glimpse of our favourite celebrities' lives and what they think of on a daily basis. It's a beautiful way to discover a public figure through their own words. One such social media account is that of Ratan Tata's. The top industrialist made his Instagram debut last month and is already making waves with heartfelt posts about his work and personal life.

In his latest, the businessman shared a picture of an adorable dog who unfortunately got abandoned by his original owners. He said that it pains him deeply to see animals being abandoned since they themselves are very confused and distressed. Addressing the issue and seeking a new home for the dog - Myra, the baron took to Instagram and asked people to come forward to adopt the pupper and give it a forever home. In the post that was all heart, he wrote:

"Of all the different sufferings that animals today have to go through, my heart truly breaks for the ones that get abandoned by families. I cannot imagine what must go through their minds when one day they have a home, and the next they don't. The kindness in 9-month-old Myra's eyes still stays after being abandoned, and I could really use your help in finding her a family. Please don't be hasty in making this decision, but if you know someone or if you are that someone willing to make her believe in us again, please fill the link in my bio #onehomeatatime."

The philanthropist has been vocal about his love for dogs, and recently shared a post about his dog whom he lost - Tito. Tata said Tito would have been fourteen years old today, but he still has his other two dogs to keep him company.

Ratan Tata known for his humility even helped float a startup called Moto Paws recently, that makes reflective collars for stray dogs, to help prevent them from getting hit on the roads.

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